Saturday , June 10 2023

The Transport Association called calm


Tank companies have stopped traveling to Dan Nong Airport. Photo: NLD.

Tank companies have stopped traveling to Dan Nong Airport. Photo: NLD.

The Vietnam Automobile Transport Association has written a letter not to strike the Gram on business and taxi drivers.

Dr. Taxi drivers in Nang City strike on November 4 At more than 400 locations, the car has temporarily stopped welcoming guests at Dan Nong Airport. "Illegal" law enforcement activities to achieve uncontrolled competition with traditional taxes.

In this regard, the automotive association association taxi companies and taxi drivers call Ho Chi Minh City. Da nang especially taxi services, taxi companies, taxi drivers must be quiet in the country, take their own assault or overwork or take care of people's travel and order safety.

According to the Vietnam Automotive Transport Association, vehicles like grab taxi have noticed unconventional management of the traditional taxi business.

Therefore, the Association has been advised to adapt to the provisions of the law and amend the existing jurisdiction to ensure fair and healthy competition for the development of the urban civilization. Usually passenger cargo transport, especially on the taxi.

Before that, the taxi "umbrella" and grab cars said that many taxes and business conditions were "trampled". The body. Traditional taxi drivers can not compete with "parachute" taxi and grab cars when they have to pay shipping business conditions and pay various taxes.

This is not a response from the Business Side Association, "said Dan Tanh Nohan, chairman of Dan Nan Taxi Association. Grab reacted to the cab drivers of many taxi companies. The car that affects their interests. Taxis companies have asked business leaders to lead drivers backwards.

Eneguan Khan

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