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The two top general generals accused of collecting trillions were alleged to have two journals


Two former generals are accused of "protecting" three times online gambling

15h30, According to the national defense system, the accused argued, income from gambling, organized a group of CNC company enguyn "This pilot is used to change the operation of the tanhea kurrakrtyannalekkuricculla and invest in a katamayakki. Hi technology used in the Crime Prevention Bureau of the Strategic Department." Was Vattil, in the last two years, CNC companies untakkatta labhamuntakkiyittunt profit condemned hundreds of thousands on the Internet. There was no money from these gambling activities on the National Criminal Defense System. Gross revenue ($ 700 million and only $ 30,000 for a Child's Criminals Crime Officer's Suite).

Representing the people's procurator, read the charges

Representing the people's procurator, read the charges

Meanwhile, the friend Nguyen Van Duong, who along with his friend, is entirely dependent on Fan Van Win and Nguyen Than Ho. Fan Van Vinu has helped Ning Van van Doonge to help other co-organizers.

In this regard, Fan Van Win is a player full of devices, devices, and forces that help him to carry out resistance and repression. Nguyen Van Duong and his co-worker, but Fan Van Win should not escape, and development is a dangerous consequence for society.

Hence, the behavior of Fan Van Win and Nguyen Than Ho, takes care of, takes care of it, Fan van Win Commander, and Enuguain Than Ho is active. However, investigations into the personal benefits of Fan van Winn, Nguyen Than Ho, have not been found.

The treatment of Fan Van Win and Nguyen Than Ho was abolished. As "correlation of power and position in place of official duties", as stated in "Code of Article 281", Fan van Ain was found guilty under Article 356 of the Penal Code, 2015, renewed in 2017, in favor of criminal offenses under Article 7 of the Criminal Code of Criminal Procedure 1999.

Than Ho Ho is one of the tracks of Google Gambling Online

Google tries to "protect" trolleys online gambling

Gambling Boss Super Trillion Trials of Trillion

14h04, Representatives of People's Prosecution and People's Prosecution in the People's Republic of Fuku province declared the case. Reports received by the reporter under the 235-page charge.

VTC Online Company is the chairman of the Board of Directors of VTC Online, according to the Fan Sao-Nam Accused, Information Technology is competent and knowledgeable, but the personal needs of the Trong are available for Rikvip / Tip.Club software for distribution of softwares. Intococo company Director of Howay Than Trang asked.

Subsequently, Fan São en Enthuine contacted Van Dewang – Member Council Chairman (CNC Board) CNC Company is Screening Company of the Technology Prevention Department of Technology. The game went online and signed the deal.

Nam Viet Company signed a contract to develop software to organize online gambling on the Internet. The members of the company propose to establish the Rikvip / Tip.Club Post Server Infrastructure; Costs for reimbursement of money for gambling for online gambling companies to control money and earn money for gambling; Illegal income is VND 1,475,063,029,176.

When money was unregulated, money and friends transferred money through many highways to save money. Investment capital contribution in projects, buy legal real estate from crime. I have gambling.

After establishing the CNC Company in Enuguain van Duong, Fan van Win, Nguyen Hein Ho created positive conditions for operation and – for Nguyen van Duong – chairman of the High-Tech Security Development Company Limited chairman. Motion.

At the start of 2015, Dogong agreed to accept Fan Saom's advice, signed Luo Tai Hong and signed a co-signing agreement with Fan Sa'mun on the Internet. Rickvip /, 23Zdo, zon / pen game modes.

After the signing of the agreement, the directors of the Yang Company were asked to rent a registered trademark. Payment Gateway, which is associated with the HomeDeary Company, VNPT EPA Company, Nangan Lung Company, and GTS Company, to control and control income from establishing gambling, which is Rikvip VND 376,016,591,965, Tip.Club Step VND1,279,410,328,781). After the end of the money, Duong paid for the money by investing in the companies.

In the 1999 amendment, the "Amendment to the 2009", the Article 269 of the Criminal Code (1999), the "Amendment"

The copies of the hearer

The copies of the hearer

The scenes of the trial.

The scenes of the trial.

According to reporter, at 14:00, the accused Fan Van Win, Nguyen Tan Ho, Fan Sao Naum and Nguyen van Duung also appeared in the court.

Panel hours will be announced from 7.30 am to 11:00 pm and 14.00 to 17:00.

Former Lieutenant General Fan Van Win

Former Lieutenant General Fan Van Win

Previously, the Panel successfully completed the section according to the morning verdict Check the identity of 91 accused and their resumption does not coincide with the respondents. as well as, Former Lieutenant General Fan Van Wynn has asked not to disclose the Fue Do provincial People's Court's verdict.

Fu Tô province is charged with charges of fraud on Phu van Win and Nguyen Tan Ho, according to Article 356 of the Penal Code. The upgraded in 2015 is revised in 2017. Defense Nungin Van Duang and Fan Saomom are charged with "organizing gambling" and "inflation". The remaining 88 accused have imposed the following offenses: Gambling, gambling, bills, illegal trading and money-saving.

Nguyen Dogong – Tuvan Hop

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