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There is "insufficient relations" with the vice president of the male heads

Monday, January 7, 2019 06:53 AM (GMT + 7)

According to the Commission for Inquiry of Yen Dehinh District Party Committee (Thanhaha Hoa), through scrutiny, there is not enough support in this conclusion that the primary school principal Mr. T.T. There is illegal relationship or rape with the Assistant Principle, but it is related. "Not clear," right.

On 6 January, a source from the Home Department of Thanh Ho Province said that the agency entered into the verification of the application of the former deputy head of YB Primary School (Yen Deh District), NTQ, the accused, the former Principal of TTD, YB Primary School, Perform rape acts and the results of the results of the results of the chairman of Thanhau Hoa Provincial People's Committee have been reported.

On the date of 20th October 2016, report no. 17 October, 2016 of the Department of Interior Affairs of Thanh Hao Province. According to the report of 502 / BC-SNV, The NTQ introduced 2009-2016, Mrs. Q. as an assistant. Chief Secretary TTD The Deputy Secretary of the school's branch was attacked, she raped her and threatened her by struggling with the female teacher at the school, controlling it. Nurturing the happiness of his family.

A & # 39; Clear Relationship & # 39; with School Principal Assistant Principle 1 Has

Mrs. N. T.K. (Returned) accused him of being Mr. T.H.T. Has been raped by

In the process of operating, pointing to the school's work, Mr. T., directing many wrong things, the skilled Q has disappointed and commented but Mr. T. Is still conservative and constantly to make. School quality goes down.

On August 3, 2017, review and discipline were held in the discipline conference of Yen Dehang District, but did not announce the contents, so Sue Q was not known for advance review. Later, Ms. Q: "The struggle with the principal, the party secretary disciplined the reproach for the cause" due to internal inconsistencies in the unit.

The woman believes that she has misbehaving with Mr. T. He was accused but rebuked him for being unjust and unjust, so he complained to the Chairman of Yen Dehh District People's Committee. She proposed to review her disciplined decision but was not acceptable, so Ms. Applying the President of the provincial council of QA Than Ho.

At the time of investigation, the Department of Home Affairs of Thanhoa Province concluded that Mrs. NTQ has reflected the period of 2009-2016 and Mr. T.T.T. Through her she is committed to raping and using tricks for her fear, control and control. Rescued, the Home Office found that details of the above material were verified by the Commission of Inspection of the Yen Deh District District Committee, this conclusion was not enough that there was illegal or rape relations in Theta. The assistant chief.

However, by reporting to Mrs NTQ and other evidence, Mr. T.T.T. had "insufficient" relation, which was not suitable for Mrs. Q. So, Mr. Ti's relationship is not clear at the end. The theory of the Yen Dehinh District Party Committee's observation committee existed before, but the skilled Q did not have a positive and immediate way to control it, accordingly, Mrs. Q had reduced the risk of living. Relationship is not clear, not honest, "- said the Home Office report.

Regarding the management and administration of Mr. TTT's violation, District Committee of Yen Dehini Inspection made Mr. T., such as lack of democracy and propaganda, when making a list of proposals to increase wages for the first time. Mrs. PTA The time limit for school is not by board; Mrs. T.T.M. For the first 6 months of 2013, the party's classification was completed during April 4, 2013, Mrs. M. Discipline was given to rebuke the third child; Maintaining school activities, spending is not serious, leaving some of the activities of the cell, does not guarantee the quality of life; Agree to allow 2 teachers to discipline discipline to give birth to a third child to eat and drink in the school's office …

According to Home Affairs Department of Thanhaha Hoa, Mr. T. The deficiency occurred in the period 2009-2016, during which Mrs. Q was the deputy head and Deputy Secretary of the cell, but did not immediately report to the District People's Committee and the People's Committee. The concerned agency has a solution to improve and remove unity within the school management board, so for these damages, Mr. T. T. Is also responsible with

Since then, the Home Department advised the chairman of the provincial People's Committee for the decision to settle the complaints of NTKU in order to maintain the decision No. 1295 / QD-UBD of the People's Committee Chairman on August 3, 2016. On discipline, Yen Deh district reprimanded Mrs NTQ

According to the Nagu Lao Dong newspaper, Mr. LVT (YT Commune, living in Yen Deh District) says that the couple repeatedly asked Mr. T.T.T. (YB Primary School, Yan Deh District's former Principal, requested the Chief Minister of the other primary school) raped the repeatedly requested behavior, officers of his wife, NTQ, YB Primary School, Vice President of Thanh Hao Province, but arrived. Now this matter has not been resolved satisfactorily yet.

On 5 January, the head of Education and Training Department of Yen Dehunj District, Mr. Guayen Thien Singh said that investigations have been done after scrutinizing the Yen Deh District and Public Safety Committee's inspection committee. Authorities of Shri LVT Is innocent

However, due to internal distraction and "violation of professional ethics", Mr. MHT, Principal, and Mrs. N. T., Vice President, both of them were assigned and transferred.

While entering the motel with the woman, the city's president was filmed with a clip

Leader of the Thuan Thanh District (Baik Ninh Province) said that the monitoring committee of the party committee is on the inspection and verification of the case …

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