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True Hoax Five stars We have had Hanoi south and big-life showcase


Monday, November 19, 1818 11:15 AM (GMT + 7)

Blessing wedding and artist friends in a 5-star hotel from South to North.

Troyong We are in the south of Hanoi, which is five star for tahn and female giants

The marriage took place at a hotel in Hanoi at 18.11am with Tughngum Num Thanh and Tu Hujan, the businessman. Security is strong enough to ensure the pros and cons of privacy. A large group of guards rented on both sides of the family. Guests checked inside the restaurant on the 7th floor of the hotel. The Tungong Nam is less than the tone of the bride. But it does not talk about age fluctuations.

Five-star wedding receptions with Tujiang Nu Thanh and Pennu Gheem in Hanoi south

Many artists from the street brought their friends to Tranong to Hanoi for his wedding. Wedding invitations and text messages are sent to inform about the schedule, places and weather in Hanoi.

Truong We are five-star wedding receptions that include Tanah and Penny Gheen in the south of Hanoi - 3

Truong is our favorite dean artist, Hen Maay (Orange Scout). They went out of Saigon and Hanoi to be happy to act.

Tuenong We are 5th Tanah Tan and Honey, a five-star wedding

Hein Maai is one of the rare rare artists in Trangong Nam Tahil. Ganesha also recommends not to display the photographs of riot victims on social networks to ensure privacy.

Tehrong Num Thanhin and five-year-old wedding reception for female giants in Hanoi south

Hoang Anh (right from second), white shirt cooler with the groom's friends.

True Yang We Thanhin and the five-year marriage of female giants in Hanoi - 7

Humen An Tuvan, Thammer Kim Chi, and Hen Maay meet at the wedding of Turing Namn Thane.

The south of Hanoi, which is 5 stars of Trangong Nam Thanh and the female giant

Artists Kim Chi and Hin Mai take a photo.

The five-star Hanoi south from Trangong Nam Thanh and Womens ghetties - 9

The list includes Nag Lan, Tanah Bin, Actor Hoang Anne, director Min Tuwan and many other artists.

Tuống We are the south of Hanoi, which has 5 stars, which is thirty and females

Actor Hong Anne – Arice sticky Aries picture – from Siagon to north, to celebrate the bride and groom.

Tehrong Num Thanhin and five-year-old wedding reception for female giants in Hanoi south

Ring Honghug and Tugong in Tugong we also shared photos.

South Korea's Haniyah-12 for five-star weddings for Tehrung Num Thanhin and Penny Ghems

Thuang said that he does not want to marry more than his wife. What is emphasis on emotions and sharing? "It's easy to find someone close to you, but how many people are in your hand when the party ends."

Before his wife's acquisition, the age of Tuoying's Thanh's wealth is less than his age

As a super model we have won many awards, one actor, MC, and Tungong we have some talents.

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