Monday , March 27 2023

Two players injured in the basketball referee


Closet video of two basketball players. Video: Kicks Gicks

In the wake of the 2018 National Sports Festival, the two volley players Lee Da and Le Fake Thang presented him as referee members. Tito City is moving its operation.

Specifically, the two players mentioned above went to the delegates of the cultural and sports tourism department of the western city of Havana.

Representatives from the Vietnam Basketball Federation and representatives of the Vietnamese Basketball Federation announced that Wando and Phoq Thang, the sports Authority of Canberra City, will turn home at home in the morning. at this time. As expected, the athletes will be in the afternoon or next.

Before that, The second day of the National Gymnastics Games in 2018, when the match ends, the referee of the second round will appear. Hong Kong's horn-dong van Dang hammered the ball and hit the ball in the spot.

After that, referee Hong Tang continued to withstand the technological damage of the Đ with, and the gunmen were forced to punch too strongly. Then Fuak attacked Tang. Other colleagues intervened but trampled the referee. After the referee's attack ends, both are unqualified.

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