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"Tycoon" Thailand may be removed


On Wednesday, 11/11/2010 00:05 AM (GMT + 7)

In the group table, the Thai team won by 7-0. However, the opponents of the defensive champions are very dangerous and unpredictable.

Video Game Timor Leste – Thailand (copyright clips of the next media broadcasting on VTC):

ATF Cup 2018 It's not exciting, exciting, and dramatic. While Thailand, Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia are eliminated by Timor Leste in three points, Group Bick is hard to predict.

ATF Cup is the most fascinating avatar: & # 34; Bose & # 34; Thailand disqualified - 1

Thailand had to face three difficulties

Thailand and the Philippines have the advantage of playing a game. Singapore defeated Singapore and Singapore. So the next turn 3 is a turning point for the big league.

Thailand has a temporarily topped list with +7 sign. The second match was the "Golden Temple" team in Indonesia (17/11). The theory of the victory of Thailand in theory has great advantages to expand the circuit. However, white hands are not allowed for Indonesia as they stand at the foot of Walmart.

In Indonesia, the defeat in Singapore (0-1) lost to the 13/11 in the evening. Three goals against Timor Leste for "Island Island" team. Brazil's 37-year-old Brazilian Stricker's experience would be a "weapon" to feel Indonesia.

After 4 days after Indonesia, Thailand There will be a very difficult operation. In the Philippines fighting the extermination of former coach Ericsson and the natural star molecules. Prior to organizing Singapore, the Philippines presented a modern and intense competition. Before the penalty they will not give the opponent any chance.

ATF Cup is the most fascinating avatar: & # 34; Bose & # 34; Thailand can be disqualified - 2

The Philippines and Singapore are likely to reach the beach

The Philippines can be said to be Thailand's most powerful and predictable opponent in Philippines. Cardiff City is the goal of Premier League, Yangshanband Captain and European players. For each and every element, Coach Ericsson has enough experience to find a success at home.

In the third round, the Philippines have a lot of opportunities to beat Timor Leste (17/11). In the fourth round, Thailand Eixon comes out with 9 points while Thailand is 21/11. At the same time, Thailand has a maximum of 6 points (in the previous Indonesia marker).

The last opponent is waiting Thailand Singapore is. In the third round, Thailand will have three points against Timor Leste's 6 points. The 25/11 encounter in Bangkok will be the final match of two teams. Life and death will not dare to repel Thailand at war and lead the group to group group.

ATF Cup is the most fascinating avatar: & # 34; Bose & # 34; Thailand can be disqualified - 4

The remaining schedule of group B

Hit 3 (Singapore holiday)

Thailand – Indonesia (18h30, 17/11)

Timor Leste – Philippines (19h, 17/11)

Hit 4 (Indonesia holiday)

Philippines – Thailand (18h30, 21/11)

Singapore – Timor Leste (18h30, 21/11)

THAT 5 (Timur Leste Break)

Thailand – Singapore (19h, 25/11)

Indonesia – Philippines (19h, 25/11)

Heated 25,000 tickets sold online in Vietnam semi-finals

Entry into the Vietnamese semifinal, VFF plans to sell over 25,000 tickets through online channels.

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