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Van Duk Pookutty's "Rumored Girlfriend" at the Street Football Festival


On November 10th, at the SGG Street Football Football Festival 2018 on foot pedestrian street near Hong Kim Lake, NHM matched the atmosphere in the thrill of young footballers. The themes of street teams and many fun games. The beauty photo contest was made into Ngoc Nu animation by the Miss Universe 2017

Though wearing T-shirts, jeans and light makeup, all the corners of the NHM are still going on.

The gambler "rumor girlfriend" in the midfielder is friendly with Fan Van, the smile with the young players taking part in the competition Street Talent search.

The youngsters will show the potential players, the ball will play in the game and oppose the best 3 players.

On November 10, the Football Tournament SCG 2018 was hosted by two representatives from Hockey Mint City and two representatives from Ennah.

Even after playing in the rain, and even less watering, four teams are crucial. The NHM has attracted thousands of fans and the game is full of streets.

The tension between two representatives, Hanoi FF Feng and Super

Kim Tan Fat of Ho Chi Minh City became the champion of the SCG Street Football 2018 after the exciting competition.

Fano Anu, president of the association of the Football Association, presented his first prize

Super and FC Flop 3

Get Ready for a Second Drive in 2018 with Street Football

Fc Kim is the first SCG Street Football Championship in 2018

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