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Van Koch Online Vietnam Facts Unfazed Things Before the Great Japan-Football 24-Hour War

Wednesday, 23 January, 2019 17:29 PM (GMT + 7)

Before the big fight against Japan, striker Gugain Kung Fuung welcomed the legendary news, when the goal in the Nordicon was scored in "the best goal of the 1/8 Asia Cup round of 2018" goal.

Six nominations "Round the Best Goal 1/8 Asian Cup 2019"

After 3 days of competition, 1/8 round Asian Cup 2019 Finished with a lot of surprises. The third place in the only group stage to enter the quarterfinals is Vietnam after winning the brain's final round against Jordan.

Vans Coach Online Vietnam, Kung Fuun, helps the Japanese War - 1 wonder

Against Jordan, the goal of Kong Fuong reached the nomination list "Round 1/8 of the best Asian Cup goals"

Middle East's representative, fourth goal, Bah Abdelharman, with a superb free-kick from the left. However, this benefit of Jordan phone does not last long, while Vietnam Phone is actively trying to attack the area to find the target.

In the 51st minute, Trong Hong made a perfect turn to get the ball on the right wing and cross the Kong Fuong between two Jordan players, ending a touch of Jordan Net.

Both of these super products are selected by 2019 Asia Cup BTC and 6 dummy list makes the best goals in 1/8 round. The remaining four nominations were linked to Merlen Murzew (Kyrgyzstan) in the UAE, Qin Jin Sue's Header helped South Korea to move the penalty kick of Iraq to Bashar al-Ravi (Qatar) in Iraq and situation. Ali Mubout (UAE) establishment in the fight against Kyrgyzstan.

Up to 16h00 on 23rd January (Vietnam time), AFC Home Page has 37,687 votes, and Kong Fuong's target is 96% of votes (36,279). If nothing changes, the Vietnamese striker will get the prize "Best goals in the rounds of 1/8" Asian Cup 2019".

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