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VEC feedback information "Subsidy requires 300 days of processing"


The Vietnam Express Way Development Corporation (VEC) issued a statement on 5-11 afternoon, "The speed of high speed branch, processing for 300 days."

In the past, the Day Nag – Qing Nagai Highway is 300 days long for design design and processing to the Trig bin-dong quad road (highway 1).

The Dong Quatt Intersection (Km 101 + 740) is a packaging package of the Da Nang – Quang Ngai Express Project A3 (Km 99 + 500 – Km 110 + 100). Binh Nguyen and Binh Chanh Communism (Binh Son District, Quang Ngai province).

Dang Nam - Kwong Ngai Express: VC information

Branch C1 ensures that over 1 meter of subtypes weigh the technological solution of weak soil therapy (photo taken from 8 to 8).

The intersection is an intricate cartoon, which is currently built by the Dang Quad port which connects the local planning road. The C1, which passes north-east railway and highway, is located in a weak state. It has a height of 13.5 meters. . According to the design consultant, the C1 branch has a nearly 1.5 meter settlement settlement, which is the 3 days to complete 330 days.

CEO has already set up a brand in the first phase. The third stage loading will be completed by November 2018. In November, 2018 local authorities will be handed over to the construction of the cannon. Vol.

"So, with the solution of over 1 meter surface area processing process in technological solutions to weak performance, this is not a quality issue," VEC confirmed. .

According to VAC, Dang Nang – The Qing Engage Expressway project has basically completed the main line, officially on all the way on September 2. There are still some plans to complete the works, including the Dung Quat Intersection.

The entire Dang-Kwang Nagai Expressway also allows 8 divisions. Chak Lai province (Quang Nam province) and Dang Quad intercussions continued.

Chinese contractors

The Jiangsu Transport Transport Group Ltd (China) has taken over the construction contract A3 (Km 99 + 500 – Km 110 + 100). Nippon Coi Company, – Nipon Engineering Consulting Company, – Thai Engineering Consulting Company, Ltd – Chodaoy Company, Ltd. (Nippon Koi – Tiq – Chedi). WB Monitoring CDM Smith Inc.

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