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Video: 38th of "Mary's Crying" Murphy Murder in Argentina-Africa

Sunday, 2/12/2013 12:10 PM (GMT + 7)

Mary's statue came to her home in Pilgrim in Metan, northwestern Argentina, to continue to "keep crying blood".

According to the Daily Mail, Mary's idol at Rosa's Mendoza Frias, who named herself "crying blood", and now the idol is becoming a strange phenomenon.

In the video, red fluid appears from the statue's eyes. Rosanna told a local newspaper that after the miscarriage of her mother eight years ago, the family had placed a statue of Murti statue of Mary.

In April 1717 the first statue was "blood blood", Rosana said. So far, the idol cries 38 times. For the first time after posting "tears" on the mother's face, 10,000 people came to Rosanna's house in just 10 hours. At the beginning of this year, she returned to the statue of "pagan blood".

Video: Mary's Statue 38th in Argentina

This 38th statue Maria Maria in Argentina is "crying blood".

Rosanna says that Maria is crying when she prays for her mother's health. It was believed that the idol used to visit many unfamiliar programs such as a bump without a sudden.

"I always tell people that everything happens because of faith, because we do not do anything, we open the door so that they can come here and pray, and God bring miracles." Rosanna said.

No one has ever seen the "bleeding" incident on the face of Mary Murti in Rosa's family home. In the US, tears were made using Mary Virgin figurine olive oil and perfume.

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