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Vietamine dream farm products brand from sportswear business

Previously, despite three well-known names of Vietnamese football villages, including Thanh Bāh, Kong Vih and Van Kuyin, but Anh Duck's talents are still considered to be very vague than other comrades.

There is a time that is "out of date" but together with constant efforts, Enh Duk has won the 2015 Golden Ball and V. The field has brightened with the league 2017 scorer.

In the FAF Cup 2019, Eng Duck once again backed his talent while young players of the same category made history for Vietnam football. In the final AFF Cup finals, remembering the winning goal of Vietnam, Dahl proved his valor.

Not only success on the pitch, but also Duck Stryker is a successful businessman. By doing business 11 years ago, the Food Dook is now one of the richest players in Vietnam, with a growing career.

When did Duke start his business? At that time, was he a well-known football player?

I started my business since the end of 2008. It was difficult to answer, to say whether that time was really popular. When I started my business, I was wounded, had to go to Singapore for treatment. Now I think about it, my business comes to me.

Thanks to the business, he did not bear the financial burden, so he went to soccer, how much effect was made by the image due to passion and the image for the unhappy sports brand?

The concept of sporting goods and especially the Enh Duck shoe originated from the study I was studying. At that time it was not as modern, football shoes for footballers are not high quality, it is still easy to hurt players. Therefore, I have tried to invest some things to limit injury to people, and its quality is good. At that time, I had no idea about football for advertising.

When you started your business, what did you have in your hand?

During that time, I killed the ball, I also earned money. The money I made started business. At that time, I was injured, the family, including a close uncle, in which I had advice, why I played, why I did not work in this industry.

Then, I had a floor next to the stadium. When the third sister married in Kwang Nagai returned to live, then I decided to open a sports store and simultaneously make my sister a workplace.

How to become a celebrity for unhappy while doing business?

Since I started my sports career, as a player, it helped many people to know, people would be more confident about this product. When it sells the goods, it must be understood, which makes customers feel secure about the products and quality they sell.

Players have to stay away from home, clubs, focus on teams, they share themselves, spend time with their family, so they manage business, how do they arise?

My way is very simple, time is over, go back to the company, review documents and staff's activities. But when going to competitions, employees send emails via email, chat or online. For immediate tasks, call.

In fact, for the last few years I have spent a lot of time in foreign countries, so the management was very close and I was very much the one who started from the beginning so I understood very well. What I understand is solved very quickly.

The process of producing products from the business and bringing brand name products to your market, what troubles do you face?

Many problems in selecting raw content management, cost calculation, capital usage plans, product testing and packaging, and ultimately distributing channels and product performance. Everything stopped at the beginning, which made me very less

Having a family background to do business for a long time, there are plenty of capital for his business and he is not afraid of failure, he has no hands?

In fact, with business, I have the idea to use only the best of all resources to bring the best results, but do not fear failure. If I fail, my family and I will be sad.

However, my issue with startup is that when adequate capital is maintained, success will come, so there is no problem with where and how much capital it is, how important it is to use it.

After many years of starting a business, what do you think is the most important?

I am the most popular brand. What I do to stagnate for a long time, there should be a brand, not the brand of ebay dunk but with the quality of products, services and prestige.

What is the most striking failure in the Enh Duck business?

10 years of business, sometimes I failed in local delivery. When I was in business for about 1 year, I could make bulk wholesale wholesale wholesale with a comprehensive sales system across Vietnam, so that the monthly turnover was relatively good.

Initially, I sold under a single or signed Deposit Policy, it was very successful and easy. But later, about 5 years ago, this policy was no longer suitable because "a delicious piece of cake" was also often fired. People are ready to provide the first goods, and when they can sell, they will return the money. Thus, enhanced competitiveness affects my work.

At that time, not only a few, but many people followed that model. They are living in this area so they can easily get market share. Although there are many products they look out of 8-10 points, but the quality is only 40-50%, but consumers do not know. Because people still do not put quality at the top, mainly looks with eyes, only match the flavor, buy eyes.

For me, it was a failure. However, when I know the reason, I can accept it and find out how to fix it by building my brand.

How long is "gold" before your failure? What did you do to fix that failure?

"Gold" time is 3-5 years before the flaws are flawless.

I realized that my failure has also arisen due to the actual attitude, so I found it to be normal. When I know the reason, I want to adjust to advising consumers about the quality and reputation of their products.

At that time, I clearly define, my goal is to bring products to consumers, not that shops and consumers are the final product quality assessors.

So I choose to gradually develop the food drink brand with quality, reputation and products. Over time, consumers will find what products are really good and quality.

I am determined to pursue my passion for business for a lifetime, not at day 1, so I develop to ensure quality, not to eat.

At the beginning of the establishment of the brand, I did not avoid problems with production. However, with the formula of prestige as the first, my products always guarantee 100%. With that reputation, my brand is made slowly.

How to use sportswear to support them in a professional player, product of Enhancer sports and brand business regularly?

As a professional player, I have used professional sportswear that helps me to see and feel what things are good, good models, to know what current customers need to come up with the necessary strategies. For the production and distribution of sportswear.

I'm a professional sportsman who is close to big sports companies like Nike, Adidas … so I know what design and design are suitable for Vietnamese people. This is also convenient for the business.

Do you use soccer shoes? Compared to other international and professional shoes brands, what are your advantages and disadvantages?

Currently, the first German shoe is Adidas brand. And the shoes manufactured by Anh Dakni Company are the products used for the players of the futus, artificial grass pitch, a large yard-like movement prize for 11 people.

How Much Thanks to Anh Duck's Property Game of Football and How Much?

(Laughter) I want to keep this sentence secret.

Starting with the game's store store, then investing in their own branded shoes and sportswear production, how much has their business increased?

Currently, in addition to the Enh Duck Sport brand, the hotel is invading the agricultural market for 5 months. Agricultural products are my family's models which have been working for more than 30 years, the main product is pepper, which is the brand of Uncle Bay.

To export farmer's products is the background of his family business, do you develop and develop this area?

I would still be mainly developing the export. However, during this time I noticed that Vietnamese customers are still attacked by very dirty food. So, today I want to contribute a little bit to ensure more agricultural products used in everyday life.

In this year 2019, do you expect to get something new in the profession?

My goal is to bring back two peppers to the local supermarket next year and to create more fields for agricultural products for local and export supply. I look forward to waiting for the support of farmers and co-operatives for the company.

Not only investing in the sportswear business, their family also opened restaurants, hotel business and agricultural products, why they "split eggs into many baskets"?

This is one of my passion. I was passionate about coming and making it meaningful. For example, in the sports store, I come from sports athletes, I want to be a game for community service. For the agriculture sector, it has been in the traditional business of family for more than 30 years.

In areas that are invested in business, from restaurants, hotels, real estate to agricultural products, what is your favorite and favorite field, why?

I still love this game because it is passionately related, it's my mind and it's the area where I'm the longest sticking ever.

In your limited-term funding, how much distribution do you have for your family, how much for football and what percentage of your business?

Based on the schedule, timetable, timetable, but I still prefer to be primarily on football.

You have many meals in a month, how many meals are there in clubs and teams? What is your favorite food?

Most of me eat at the club, because I have to go back in the evening. If there is a break in the house then there will be time. The most favorite dish is for me, it's good to be fun.

Compared to his colleagues, he is wrapped up very tightly, by saying "no" to scams, because of his personality or business effectiveness?

I often say less but say that there is no scam, but that is not true but the level is low (laugh).

In football, teamwork is very important. So in business, what are your partners and partners?

Compared to sports, in business, I find it easier to choose a partner. Because in business, the problem between the two parties needs one another, there is a co-operation, clear agreement, mutual benefits. It's easy for me to go to a contract, it's "happy" together.

What is the common point between football and business for you?

Whatever comes to me comes volatilely. Currently football and business are my passion. But apart from passion, those jobs should be meaningful. The game industry is a career, agribusiness is a passion and traditional business of more than 30 years of family.

General feeling is always waiting for him, try your best for the goal. It's my passion to go to the highest level.

Have you ever thought of focusing on a business profession when in trouble?

Even before I have never thought of retiring from the pitch, in the most difficult times too. There is a way to overcome all the difficulties, and for me, I can not play until I play ball

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