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Vietnam phone plays "elder" of Southeast Asia


Vietnam phones play the role of Southeast Asia throughout the phone

The 2019 Asian Cup finalists in the South-East Asia region are Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam. However, only 2 delegates reached the eighth round, Thailand (second group A) and Vietnam (4 in the fourth team had one of the best performances), and the Philippines lost all 3 matches, eliminated.

Asian Cup 2019: Role of DT Vietnam
Coach Park Hang Séo teachers were underestimated by attending the 2019 Asian Cup.

In the 1/8 round of 2019 Asian Cup, Vietnam had to face Jordan, this team had 9th place below FIFA Ranking. Before the team has body and physical strength, even Vietnam can still play well.

The coach of Park Hang Sao won a brave, brave fight against the opponent on a series of gun battles with a 4-2 score, in order to put his name in the quarterfinals. This is the second time "Golden Stars" can do this.

After a few hours of defeating Jordan by Vietnam, Thile entered the war with China. Although there was a lead, "War Elephant" did not protect their achievements, while China played very well in the second half. As a result, Thailand lost against the opponent with a score of 1-2.

Thailand's failure means that Vietnam is the sole representative of Southeast Asia to live in Asia Cup in 2019. After the Asian UEFA U23, 2018 Aussie Cup, this is the third time in the Vietnam football "Elder" groundground.

Vietnam has the lowest rank in the quarterfinals

According to the FIFA ranking, Vietnam 100 has settled in the world. In the eight teams that won the 2019 Asia Cup quarter-finals, Park Hang Séo's coach and coach were the lowest ranked team. Other teams have the following rankings: Qatar (93), UAE (79), China (76), South Korea (53), Japan (50), Australia (40) and Iran (29).


Asian Cup 2019: Role of DT Vietnam
Vietnam Tele is the sole representative of Southeast Asia in the 2019 Asian Cup quarterfinals.

Do not have the lowest ranking, Vietnam Tele is the lowest value team, which is the weakest face of 2019 Asia Cup quarterfinals. This is the second time, "Golden Stars" contribute to the biggest playground in the continent. Meanwhile, the rest of the delegates are all "supporters" of the tournament.

In the quarterfinals, Vietnam Tale will face Japan. This is a big challenge for AFF Cup winner 2018, because "Green Samurai" is one of the champion candidates, currently they have a team with the highest achievement of 4 wins.

Historically, Vietnam Telele has received Japan twice and has failed twice. The last time the "Golden Star Warriors" lost to "Green Samurai" was a 0-1 defeat in a friendly match held in 2011. In the Asian Cup area, the Vietnam Tale lost to the opponent 1-4 in the group stage. In 2007

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