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We have to implement 600 billion. But Dinha La Thang has a house

Thursday, November 15, 2012 22:19 PM (GMT + 7)

The Enjoyment Enforcement Agency controls the property of Thong. An apartment is a normal property of husband and wife.

At the Sync and Administration Execution Conference in 2019, the Vice-President of Den La Lang, along with Deputy Prime Minister Trangong Bun Binu, raised the difficulties in civil proceedings in criminal cases. On November 15th, the Department of Justice handled.

Specifically, according to Le Xuan Hong, director of the Hanoi Determination Department, which took place in a specially sealed instance in Ocean Bank, the money received from Min Din La Tong was $ 600 billion. However, Thang's property is controlled by the Hondo Judicial Enforcement Agency and is only an apartment. This is the common property of this couple. "

600 billion dollars. But Dinha La Thang has only 1 house

Mr. Din La Thang. Photo: PLO

In this case, 300 million shares owned by the Ocean Bank Honey Van chairman are being implemented. However, if you want to execute the judgment, you will have to take more time to negotiate in the meeting, as you sell the shares but sell the shares.

These are a few examples of civil downturn issues. Judge and Appeal Director General of the General Dept.Mai Lawong Khoyi said. In the past, the court has done many corrupt and massive economic trials. In prosecution, prosecution is still limited.

Most of the property is hidden, rational or scattered. In cases of finding the object, it is scattered in many areas, the legal status is unclear. The inadequacy and weaknesses in such procedures create large, but possible values. How much does it cost?

In a noteworthy manner, the cases involving banking activities are the assets promised before the loan is ensured. Pricing is less expensive than auction price at auction for auction. Therefore, the property owners often complain, it is difficult to sell assets to execute judgment …

Deputy Prime Minister Truroog Hoa Bin spoke at the conference. He thanked the efforts of the Ministry of Justice last year and the civil justice system.

However, he pointed out some aspects of civil district enforcement. For example, the executives still have fewer faults. The number of disciplinary measures decreased by 2018, but there are 17 cases. For some years, the sentence of judgment has been settled unresolved.

The final step that reflects the effectiveness and effectiveness of the trial is the judicial, search, confiscation, and division of the particulars of the offense; Establish a system for accurate and correct assessment and validation of pertinent stages in procedural stages, thereby increasing the likelihood of court decisions.

In the People's Proprietor, the Deputy Prime Minister suggested that the execution of the execution regulator be carried out by the executioners. He also directed the court to resolve disputes, use proprietorship, property, publication of the judgment, and interpret the reasonable time if there is a problem. .

By 2018, civil enforcement should consist of more than 900,000, and the standard system is 77.9 percent. The total number of completed jobs is 570,000 and 80.3%.

Total estimate of the value of 178.628 billion dollars. But only 51.3% of the provisions will be implemented. Of that, $ 34,520 billion was implemented. 3%.

(Source: General Dept. of Judicial Action, Ministry of Justice)

M Din Laung case: New compensation is 20 billion / 820 billion

The court also told the court that Petronet had to pay compensation to DN La Tawang in a total of 820 billion VND.

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