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Weather Forecasts June 30, many northern provinces receive golden rain


In many places in North Vietnam today there is forecast of rainfall, where rainfall is very large. Mountainous areas are warned of high risk of flash floods and landslides.

The effects of compressed low pressure grooves gradually move south, with rain and lightning (20-40 mm / 12 hours of popular rainfall) in the northern mountain region early in the morning.

There are heavy rains in Lao Kai, Hai Giang, Tuyen Quang, Cao Bang and Lang Son provinces; in some places the normal rainfall of 30-70 mm / 12 hours is accompanied by over 80 mm / 12 hours of rain. Hurricanes, hurricanes, lightning, hail and severe wind can happen.

Weather forecast on June 30, many northern provinces rain & # 39; yellow & # 39; Receive
Many areas of Northern Vietnam today are known as Cooling's & # 39; Gold & # 39; Will receive the rain

Forecasting, at night, in the northern mountainous and Madhya Pradesh, there is moderate to heavy rains, there are places with very large and disrupted rain with storms, the popular rainfall of 40-80mm / 12 hours, where 120 mm / 12 is located. Hours

Heavy dangers of flooding, landslide in mountainous areas, especially La Chow, La Kai, Yen Bai, Ha Giang, Tuyen Quang, Cao Bang, Buck ears, Lang Son provinces.

At temperatures North Yesterday, the temperature decreased 2-3 degrees. On the side West north The popular temperature of 31-34 degrees is more than 34 degrees.

On the side East North In mountainous areas, there is moderate rainfall, heavy rain, heavy rainfall; Later in some places there are rain and thunderstorms, plain areas are sunny and sunny. The highest temperature is 30-33 degrees, the copper area is 33-36 degrees.

Weather Hanoi Sunny day is a sunny place with a heat background of 33 -36 degrees. In the evening rain came and dispersed.

In Central Vietnam the hot sun and warm sunshine continues, there is the highest temperature of 36-39 degrees with a temperature of 39 degrees.

Hot Sunshine Central Fall down tomorrow. Go to the provinces on July 2 from TeaHan Hoa to Thu Thien – Hue The ability to hurricane in many places Chances of hurricanes, hurricanes, lightning, hail and strong winds

There is a value of 6-9 in the UV index in Hanoi and Da Nang, when there is a high and very high risk of damage to the human body when exposed to sunlight.

Central Highlands Rain and rain in some places. The day temperature is 33 degrees, the lowest at 22 degrees in the night.

Area Southern There are rain and scattered hurricanes. The highest temperature is 33 degrees, in which Ho Chi Minh City 33 degrees you can 30 degrees

Historical heat clarity, especially the sharp intensity "width =" 145 "height =" 101

The understanding of historical heat and intensity is particularly sharp

In the north and central months, there is a possibility of extensive sunlight, but as long as it is in the middle, the hot sun will not run.

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