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What did MPs say about the Ministry of Public Security information?


Tuesday, 06/11/2018 15:21 PM (GMT + 7)

"I understand that there are two ways to look at two different issues, and I can not take the issue of the Ministry of Public Security to explain that this problem is misrepresented and misinterpreted," National Assembly Member Liu Bing North.

What did MPs say about the Ministry of Public Security information? - 1

Liu Pyong, a member of the National Assembly. Photo: No

Liu Xianzong's controversial question, "The violation of the investigating agency is terrible", adding that 94% of the decision was made to the supervisory body to exceed 86%, 99.76% of the delays and 100% of service violations. The public defense ministry Officially announced.

Speaking at the national assembly conference on November 6, "I do not know what the police are doing," he said in an apparent reference to the attorney general, Pyongyang.

"The two ways of looking at two different problems, so it can not be taken to the Ministry of public security issue, and I think it is wrong, mistaken on this issue. These are two completely different issues. This is a problem, the problem I am talking to B, B ', where the rate of one another niyamalanghanannalute nitiyuktamakkum," US Toning said.

The Ministry has signed an agreement with the Public Security Information Ministry. "This has been evaluated in the judiciary committee report and I believe that police forces have made great efforts at work, but according to the judiciary committee report, some industry indexes have not yet fulfilled the requirements of the National Assembly.

Liu added that the heads and spokesmen of the ministry are a spokesperson. However, "the Commanders in the region have not responded, which is very unfortunate.

Secondly, according to Article 15 of clause 2, the right of representatives of the legislature, supervised by the National Assembly and People Councils, are questioned. Respondents are responsible to respond, and even ask us to comment on the issue. This is a question of the representatives and the heads of the heads. But this is the argument for protecting the delegate with other delegates. Particularly the representative does not have the right to question other representatives. If we ask such questions, we do not understand questions and laws for questioning. I'm sorry, "he insisted.

Ben tray delegation said "the answer to his head" will be easy to know what he controls? Especially m. According to Qing, Parliament should follow the chair of the chair. "When the chair seeks to meet, you should not try to solve personal problems and to respect public discipline," he said.

"If this is a confidentiality document, it is not allowed to publish it, and we are very careful to publish secret secrets with people who do lawful deeds, and if such data is released, it will not take effect, but the government violates the law to protect the secrets," said the representative.

The representatives think about answering questions, the materials of the demogets, and the different interpretations that led to the information. Liu pointed out that he had three issues in three areas. He did not talk very well because of "enough pressure". But the next morning the deputy Enuguain Huawei Kaus's statement makes clear.

"Here, I would suggest only a comparison of the crime rate among the agencies about judiciary, which is the title, the report for me and other data, but I can not tell you about the end of the problem, and the next day I said it again and I did not do all that to do," he stressed.

Earlier, on 5/11, the Ministry of Public Security and Sexual Affairs issued a notice to the Ministry of Public Safety regarding criminal intimations and prosecution in connection with the investigation, "criminal handling".

According to the Public Security Ministry, the investigative bodies received the 12 months national assembly (October 1, 1977 to September 30, 1818), processed information, condemning criminals, submission of applications, and in the same period in 2017, they increased by 4.57%. 118,731 messages will be handed over to the candy. The remaining 1.17% were condemned by other investigative agencies (Investigation Agency of People's Army, Investigation Agency of the People's Prosecution) and other agencies. Operated for some surveys, such as customs, cost guard, and ranger).

Evaluation of the Public Safety Authority has not received any violations of the investigation and several steps have been taken to limit the violations. However, differences in opinion, discouragement and not only the negative sides, but also the voting rights and voters should make the country understand the problem.

After Liu Pyongyang's speech, the regulator is not good news for many social websites and the quality of judiciary's performance. Therefore, it is necessary to inform the public about this issue. It is a lecture of some National Assemblyers on the morning of November 1.

The Ministry of Public Security responded to the NIA Commissioner's comment on Pyongyang

According to the Department of Public Security, Delft Liu Pyongchan has made a statement saying, "The investigation agencies are violent, many people …

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