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Deputy Minister of Information and Communications, Phom Heng Hai, said on November 13, a change in mobile phone network changes. Vitale, Vinapon and Mobilon will be implemented Network transfer Keep up for postpaid subscribers.

By January 1, 2019, these three operators offer number portability in prepaid and postpaid subscribers.

According to figures from Whitetel and Mobilne, the 60,000 dollar network has been altered. This fee is paid once for the network operator (ie the network operator who wants to use the user).

Photo No. 1 - Vitetel and MobiFone Charges reveals to retain the original number.

Post-paid network subscribers will remain at the start of 16-11

On November 15, Vinapan representative said that the final transition fee will be finalized, but the information and the Ministry of Communications have put forward 60,000 Dan Docs.

Deputy Minister Fam Hong Hui said the Ministry of Information and Communications had discussed in many countries of the world. It has high water tariffs, low water supply and free water. On the basis of reality in Vietnam, the Ministry has fixed the price of up to 60,000 sessions and the final price is network. "In the long run, this network traffic level will be zero," he said.

Depending on the restrictions, consumers will be converted to real network number without limitation, at least 90 days for each conversion.

According to the Ministry of Information and Communications, to switch users from Network A to Network B, go to Network B to follow the instructions, convert, No Operator A or other requirements to the network.

Transparency does not violate the Terms of Use of Services, clear, accurate information, dispute complaints, violation of regulations due to law, and shall not violate the Terms of Service.

According to the information and communications ministry, unrestricted network switching services, telecom, telecom and mobile subscriber count, state management.

Customers can retain their phone number and they can choose the appropriate service provider for their needs. Telecom companies will be an impetus for enhancing competitiveness by improving the quality of service.

Telecom market, creates an environment similar to the rebellious spirit in many countries of the world, mobile companies to expand their business experience, tend to create Personalizing your phone numbers, it will contribute to promote the use of telecommunication services, content services that provide value-added services Subsequently was added business opportunities.

This is one of the functions that state-to-state management agencies have to offer to the customers and to promote healthier competitions.

Steps to move network:

Step 1, those who are going to the office of the company's transaction, use the network transfer service to fill up the registration form and register the network transfer service and transfer a white SIM to the company (successfully transferred to the network).

During 24 hours of registration in the network transfer service, the customer will send an SMS message with his / her telephone number (from the telephone number registered): A 1441 customer's network transfer request will be processed to process the requested YCCM number.

Step 3, the message about network roaming schedules (the client will accept a message specifying the reason for rejection of unsuccessful network transfer requests).

The company still has voice and messaging services before the cut-off time is off.

Once the service is recorded during the phase 4, network transfer schedule, consumers will install only white SIM cards when applying to the network transfer service for the use of transfer services.

At the same time, the customer will receive a network transfer notification message successfully from 1441.

If you want to cancel your request to cancel the network, network, network to handle the network switch, the switch network to manage the network, the network might be canceled before you go, the network is forwarded to the network and relay to send mes'sejilekk, syntax, SMS message: 1441 on Parilekk secondary network, the network will notify the Transfer Center Network in the request message to all the numbers in the network transpharinre successfully.

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