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Who is Hoang Thanh Trung, former Prime Minister Fan Van Win

Defense Fan van Vince first & # 39; Great power over protection & # 39;

On November 14, the People's Court of the People's Republic of Poewai acted on Tuesday. Fan Van Win (former Director General of the former Police, former Lt. General Secretary – Ministry of Public Security) to use Internet to take action to acquire property; Gambling institution; Unlawful trade in gambling invoices; Money laundering; Abuse of power in duty.

Who is Hoang Thanh Trung repeatedly photographed by former Prime Minister Fan Van Winh's?

Judge Nougine The Ti Hoon. Photo tuvan marks.

The accused is not subjected to torture

The gambler Vu Min Khan – first called to be interrogated. Quebec admitted in court, admitting that the gambling behavior was incorrect. Transfer of money through bank accounts,

"Have they been persecuted in the search for the victims?" – asked the judge judge quang.

A Judge Engage Thi Hui, Quant payment: no?

In the fake case, in the online casino online game form Rikvip / Tip.Club, Mr. Khan Khang has registered a gambling account: Zaixinh888 to participate in the gambling. From 19/7/2017, Qing began trading for gambling. 143 million dollars.

Then, the gambling account was used to register at AGENT Level 2 for Wang Van Dung to buy the Rick. However, according to the server data the customer (gambler) is a Rick dealer with Rik 100,000 and Rik Number Semi (Transfer Rick), in his gambling account. Whose name is "Sauxin".

The game rick from Rik Games 23/7/2017 is equal to $ 685 million.

The process for buying and selling Rik is often bought with Le Thi Van Anh, Nguyen Xuan Huong, Ta Quang Khoa and some other people, but the Quang name does not know the name.

By checking in the Vietcombank bank account, the decision to buy Ring van An, Kho, Direction of Quang Bank MB, Le The Wan Anne, Tha Kw Quang Khao and Nguyen Zhuhuan are many times.

On the 7/7/2017 night, on 8/7/2017, Vine Minang Quantum is 10 million, Thwa Kwang 10 million and Nguyen Huang 5 million. To play gambling. In the game "Tai-X", Kang was logged into his account in "saxx" by gambling. All the runners were purchased from Van Anne, Direction and Quang Khao.

At Antenna's offices, the prices of Qing, Van Am, Direction and Faculty have revealed the acquisition of the gambling behavior of Ring, Kwang and Qhung. Van Anne, Huang, and Khao are involved in the case.

Prevention: Listen to the great power over protection and guarantee all the accused

Rick responded to the question of Wu Wan Dug (SN 1989, Bac Ninh), the newly acquainted well-known Hong Than Tung.

Trending Ding, when he met Trung, released the rules for developing the game.

Why is Hoang Thanh Trung repeating the photo of former Prime Minister Fan Van Winhin?

Opposition Wu Wang Ding. Picture: Huang Hong.

"Mr Thorung's words are more powerful than protecting the words, so all the individuals are guaranteed," Dung said.

Following the dug allegations, the lawyer Tran Han Fuk (The Fan Sawant Nam) asked the accused. The new confession is about the unexpected testimony that "the surety of all the accused" should be ensured. Foo asked.

The lawyer asked: Did the accused not present the investigation team in the new court in such a crucial situation? Listen to the question, Dürk replied: This is a group with the Troung.

The former Lieutenant has demanded that the trust area be rescued for medical examination

9h35: The lawyer Nguyen Minh Tam's request to HGH. Fan Van Veen has high blood pressure and should go to the medical room to cure. A former policeman has gone from court.

Who Hoong Thanh Trung repeatedly humiliated the former Prime Minister Fan Van Winhin - photo 4.

Fan Van Win went to court. Picture: Tien Tuan.

Who Hoang Thanh Trung, "That Name"

10h30: Respondent Nguyen Van Nagok (1989, Agent Level 1, Swan BAC Giang) said the Rikvip game will have a business license and the panel has presented Hoang Thanh Trung in the work of the meeting. Continue development.

"The other defendants were not familiar with the other first level agents, but when we met the man we told him that a troll game would take a business license, but no matter who we were, .

In the name of former Prime Minister Fan Van Win, Hong Kong is named after him.

Lawyer Tran Hong Fuku asks Trunk to introduce the US production company as Director of Nokia.

Who is the Hoang Thanh Trung repeat of the photo of former Prime Minister Fan Van Winh?

Revenge Nguyen Van Ngoc. Photo tuvan marks.

Software promises to organize online gambling on the internet for the Farm Samo number. Hoang Thanh Trung, deputy director of Nan Vita Investment Development Services Co Ltd, was released.

After that, Hong Don Truong is responsible for recruiting qualified officers to VTC Intercom company with Nam Witters for writing jointly with RingVip / Tipclub Grooming Software. 23 ziyo, zon / pen.

In addition, Hong Trang Trung also plays an important role in building, developing and controlling 25 "First Centers" of 25 first-level agents and 5,877 seconds-level online agents. The Hong Trong Trek ran quickly after the gambling line opened.

An international arrest warrant was issued by the Pooh Police Department, as the reason for the escape of China. The Interpol secretariat requested arrest warrant three times. When the verdict is reinstated, post processing.

4 hours experience at 11 o'clock There are 10 accused in the case against panel, prosecutor and lawyers. A group of criminals like gambling and gambling.

After the arrest, seven prisoners have been arrested. The court heard the case: 13:30, with the accused in the first-level agent of the trillion gem line, the court continued on the third working day.

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