Tuesday , August 16 2022

Without a doubt, he criticized two district chairpersons


On November 17, the People's Committee of the High Tinh Provence Committees reported the unit of Bin Tengah's chairman Bubi Kwang Hoin, chairman of Kai'an District People's Committee, and Ng Ngong Huan, chairman of Huang ke People's Committee. On November 9, both Hanuman and Huan were absent from the program of young volunteers who made the provincial People's Committee.

The Peoples Committee of the People's Committee of the Kinn An District and the District People's Committee of Huanghee urged to seriously review and report the provincial People's Committee. Enjoy the experience and do not have the same incidents during your arrival. In the emulation process, 2018 was given to the Home Ministry and the Home Ministry was assigned to the People's Committee of the Hind Tin.

On November 7, the Peoples Committee of HowTin Prayer wrote an invitation to the 443 / GM-UBND to convene a conference to hear the Young Women's Volunteer Reports 1400 at 1400 on 14 November. This is a major meeting of the long-term debate on issues identified in the November 2008 working program.

However, the Chairman of the People's Committee of Huang Kee District, KAnh District Peoples Committee Chairman are not considered, do not report for permission, and do not employ officials.

Talk to the press He is yoursBui Kwang Hoan, chairman of the Ky Anh District People's Committee, has written a document from the provincial People's Committee that is critical review and review.

"After receiving the invitation of the provincial People's Committee, I was appointed Vice Chairman of the District People's Committee to attend the meeting, but today he has not reported to hire other officials and we will learn from our experiences and take charge of the PPC," Hoan explained.

Huangqui District Peoples Committee Chairman Lee Please contact the person in Hong Kong. This reporter is ready to contact the Census Board's office, he said.

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