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& # 39; Breaking Bad & # 39; Will Bryan Cranston play a movie? Welter again to Walter White


There is good news for Walter White breaking Bad Fans. Let anyone think that Brian Cronston has rumors breaking Bad The movie says that he was cooking in a call-in interview on November 7th Dan Patrick Show. "Yes, there's a movie edition breaking Bad, "Kronstone confirmed to the former ESPN host at the Radio Talk Show that acted in the AMC series from 2007 to 2013." But I honestly did not read the script, so I can not tell. "

A possible news breaking Bad The film first entered The Hollywood Reporter Mrs. Vince Gilligan & # 39; in the series, Emmys, 6 November, Tuesday, 6pm. Is said to have worked for about two hours in the film. Television. "(After the publication of the report, Bustail reached the representative of Jiligen, AMC and producer Sony Pictures television, but did not respond.)

Kristen International admittedly admitted that he was not even a screenplay writer, but there was a question that Walter White did not see in the movie. Preliminary time in a drama series MM He has four leading top actors in the award):

"If Vince Gilligan asks me to do it, of course, of course he's a genius, it's a big story … There are a lot of people who want to complete a few characters that have a lot of characters open up … at least two characters that I can not finish with this idea."

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Fans remember, when breaking Bad Walter White died in 2013. Finally, Mamm's Lab Chepice, a high school chemist who is infected with Cancer, accepts that he does not "give any indication" to any of the criteria. Christston agreed that he discussed the project with Grianther, but he is likely to appear in South Indian movies. Another way is to follow this project breaking Bad Previous spinoff Call him, Which also starred in Bob Ondankirk. (The AMC series was renewed in the fifth season.)


Afterwards THR Reported that the project is now being called Greenbrayer, That Albuquerque Journal Jessy Pinkman (actor Aron Paul) has concluded that the film is likely to exist. At the end of the series, drugs were seized from the capture of drugs. the reason? A project published by the New Mexico Metro Film Office reported Greenbrayer Are preparing to start shooting in the upcoming November Albulakiki, "to escape the protection of a kidnapped man and his investigation of freedom". But they can not say or not Greenbrier It's actually connected breaking Bad. (Side note, for anyone not aware of: breaking Bad Both are depicted in the AlBookkariki.)

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Kruston – now a Broadway Play Network – Patrick, who does not want to turn into Walter White's character one and half years later, just as he finds "a sweater that once wearing" in an old suitcase.

"If I wear his clothes and hide my head and if the glasses and hazeberg are in the hat, then I think the Muslims can send me there," he adds.

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Whether he will end or not, Custon does not keep him away from the set – if not more of the reasons for Nostalgia. "Because I'm excited about it breaking Bad"He said in my radio interview," The best professional period of my life, even if I have to visit, can not wait to see again. "

When it came to official confirmation from AMC, it was given to fans by Krastons.

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