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& # 39; Fantasy Beas: The Grimes of Gryndwalwald & # 39; Ralee Harry Potter Fans for the Anatomy Chapter

WCarding World Warner Brooks Rowling and later the film develops Fantasy Bees: The Crimes of Gryndwalwald. Just before Enrolled by Harry Porter on Hogwarts was the second film of the Fantasy Bees series. New Scamander (Eddy Redmein) Albus Dumbledore (Judaye Low) for the discovery of Crystal Glendalwald (Johnny Depp), a recently-escaped window.

The debut was $ 65 million. That would be one of the lowest first weekend of the Harry Potter series in 2001. Warner Bros. attracted a campaign that not only directly connects with fans but also ensures that these fans can understand the film. Their likes are directly related to the Harry Potter series.


In the first post released in March, Dumbledore is leading the camera. Audience is giving them what they like. No title apart, no lightning in the background brings lightning, or at least try.

Posters were on the poster of Comic Con in San Diego. Like a book cover, along with some characters in each frame, the circles in the corners of each corner are filled with parts of the rest of the frame or parts of the locations. The whole person uses a whole photo within a symbol, "Who will change in the future?"

Each character gives a brief description of the character of a character and introduces the main characters in each closet. Another exhibition of Grindwald's going to the Eiffel Tower. Another series combines different characters, each one reminds the audience, "One's future and everybody's future." The differences in the early art have recently arranged around him with supporting middle and back-up characters.

New and Allebes are shown in Dolby Exclusive posters. They assure each other that "there is no one to change the future". Drawing of characters IMAX sheet features. Movie theaters released two theaters before entering theaters.

In the final theater, the three top players – Newt, Dumbledore and Gryndalwald are the top remaining parts. The characters below are below. .


The first trailer from March to open (the 19.5 million views on YouTube) is questioning Dumbledore, especially if there is Neutron, whether he was in Paris or not. He denies it, but they sometimes keep it up. There are amazing creatures, characters in the middle of the trailer, and more we understand the look and feel of the film. Dumbledore can come back and explain, though he can not move towards Gryndalwald.

The second trailer (10 million viewpoints on YouTube) was presented in the comic corner in July. The dynamism of Dumbledore and Neut focuses on here. The appointment of the past to the fight against the Grantalvald is to rule the dictatorship and bring the Mangalas to the Pandavas. Roamming has a lot of dramatic music and magic movements.

The last trailer (11 million views on YouTube) arrived at the end of September, and a more Google plan was prepared, explaining what the GrandWorld was in mind and explaining the nature of the new ones. t "sides do," that is, he is not interested in any dispute. Even when it's Dumbledore, it shows that it is not an option when you see lots of magic events and fancy creatures.

Comic Con and Final Trailer, Warner Bros. released the "Fan Review" videos. Explain how everyone responds personally with eagerness, how the characters reveal, new plot details, and other new information offered, all of the trailers and experience of the trailers.

Advertising and publicity

In November 2017, one of the first marketing campaigns of the film There are two mantras One of them was Elder Wand, who used Dumbledore in the Harry Potter series. The actors and the film's first film will be presented shortly thereafter First check the law As a young dumbledore. That photo saw a backclosed backclose rather than a depth of that. Accused allegations of his separation from his former wife Amber Hart, as well as allegations, led to some of the responses he had expressed to be a family-friendly franchise.

Some movie stars that can help sell the film as a big and firm show in Cinema Core and CineTrip Industry. In addition to the trailer and poster, a promotion was presented in Comic-Cole in July, and one of Warner Bros was awarded. The studio was brought out of the studio stage during the presentation of the panel. Depp was not part of Q & A with others – he introduced a storyline to avoid a unpleasant question – a storytelling related drama.

A Instagram AR Filter It was made available as part of the #WandsReady campaign, allowing people to add magic to their videos on that platform. The campaign continued in the first TV center. People were encouraged to buy their tickets.

The "setback to Hogwarts", launched in September, attempted to make the story of the film more spurious with the more speculative universe. There was a feature about how the magic school once was brought back to life. Cross station Visit the platform 9 ½.

In September, the photographs and staff of Rowling and the film made a major stop in New York City. TV Visuals and more images not only in this release, but also for the construction of the stage Harry Potter and the Cursed Child In Broadway. Billboards of Time Squire introduced a stream of live trailers through the live trailer.

Going idle & # 39; s in the mid-October & # 39; Was released. Rowling and others speak the story of this character and talk about the role of the character. An additional "Magic Continuity" feature ensured Harry Potter to connect the film to other parts of the series.

Following the exhibition of Wisard World of Harry Potter in November, KUSC and ALA continued their advertising advertisements. From that, it quickly became a source of encouragement. The schools in Bailetta and ALL schools have been transformed into Hogwarts' restructuring as part of a campaign to promote recognition, security and creativity.

Promotions for this movie include:

► AT & T, Warner Bros. Corporate Parents, Posters, and other artworks were shown in the film. Other company channels and outlets offer exclusive content and sweepstakes for Premier visitor.

► Google has run online video ads that show footage from trailers to make showtimes easier and easier for tickets to buy.

Last month's online advertisements, especially those months, featured a Fan Screening program, and early novels of the film also tried to attract super-fans who want to spread the text. Pending public audiences.

The days before the release, Harry Potter and the feuded reality game had been linked to the film, but it was time to attract the fans.


At this time, an attempt was made to ensure that fans of Harry Potter could know that this could be done around the rally. Many campaigns and exhibitions are based on the idea of ​​the story of Harry Potter series, which is the basis for the story, and it is out of date.

It is the opposite of marketing the first film. It sold the story of a new Scammander and included more than a footnote in the history of Portermar. The studio desires everyone to listen to their # WandsReady and want to participate in the entertainment, so the trailer response videos are released.

This is the second of five planning films. It was a big part of the marketing of the first film that fans had promised to have more magic but now it is the message to enjoy this message.

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