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"The Prize" has dropped the film with the British Independent Film Awards, with 10 award-winning record halls in the British Independent Film Awards, Best Actor for Olivia Coleman, Best Supporting Actress for Rachel Weisz and Best Director of Yogous Lathimos. After receiving 13 nominations, the gloomy comic dress drama was expected to be well-anticipated, and at the Sunday night's ceremony in London, five of its five trophies before the starry ceremony were on top of the awards.

Her performance as Coleman's influential, Queen Anne received her fourth bfa and maintained her record of winning every time she was nominated.

"Call is a Prayer of Dawn." "American Animals," "You Never Ever Been Here," and "Ray and Liz" won the award for Best Actor in a Thai prison boxer role. Each award pair and Alphonso Curon's "Roma" were named Best International Film.

Bart Late won the award for the producer of the first film for "American Animals", which won the trophy for best editing. Richard Billingham conquered the best debut director category and won Jackie Davis as a breakthrough maker for "Ray and Liz".

Win for "Never You Was Never Really Here" in Music and Sound Category

Elsendro Niwala won the Best Supporting Actor Award for her performance in "Disobidience". "Beast" star Jesse Buckley's name was Britain's most promising newcomer.

The film and TV Grand Dame Judy Danche undertook to collect the outstanding contribution of Richard Harris, and Felicity Jones made a Variety Award, which goes to the director, actor, writer or producer who is in the UK. Has helped to focus on the international spotlight on.

Horace Owen received a special jury award for his commitment to pursuing the road to the next generation.

List of 2018 BFA winners:

Variety Awards

Felicity Jones

Special Jury Award

Horace Ove

Best British Independent Film


Best Director

Yorgos Lantimos ("Dear")

Best Screenplay

Deborah Davis, Tony McNamara ("Dear")

Best actress

Olivia Coleman ("The Dear")

Best Supporting Actress

Rachel Weisz ("Dear")

Best Actor

If Call ("Pray Before Dawn")

Best Supporting Actor

Alessandro Niwala ("Defy")

Most promising newcomer

Jesse Buckley ("Beast")

Douglas Hycox Award Best Debut Director

Richard Billingham ("Ray and Liz")

Debit screenplay

Bart Laiton ("American animals")

Breakthrough maker

Jacqui Davis ("Ray and Liz")

Discovery Award


Best Documentary


Best British Short Film

"The Big Day"

Best International Independent Film


Best casting

Dixie Chess ("Dear")

Best Cinematography

Robbie Ryan ("Dear")

Best Costume Design

Sandy Powell ("Dear")

Best Editing

Nick Fenton, Julian Hart, Chris Gill ("American Animals")

Best Effects

Howard Jones ("Early Man")

Make the best make-up and hair design

Nadia Stacey ("Dear")

Best music

Jonny Greenwood ("You never really got here")

Best Product Design

Fiona Crombie ("Favorite")

Best voice

Paul Davis ("You've never really been here")

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