Monday , January 25 2021

A new Swift 7 notebook with the Ultra-narrow basesel was introduced by Acer on CES 2019

LAS Vegas: Taiwan's electronics company Acer on Monday unveiled a new thin and light swift 7 (SF 714-52T) notebook with a premium chassis in the new CET 2019.

One statement from the company said that the highly-compressed basesel of the device makes it virtually without limit, thus 14-inch notebook gives 92 percent screen-to-body ratio.

"With 92 percent of screen-to-body ratio, Ester customers can be more productive with compact, thin and lightweight notebooks, which are said to be 'rarely' during the daytime and business trips, Jerry Hoe said. , General Manager, Customer Notebooks, IT Products Business, Acer Inc.

Operated by the Windows 10 operating system (OS), the notebook weighs 890 grams.

Client Computing Vice President Chris Walker adds, "We have designed the latest 8th-gen Intel Core processors to deliver a complete platform with a display to enable rich user experience and to enable power efficiency to expand battery life." Intel

In the redesigned Acer Swift 7, the four-sided narrow basesels have a 2.57 mm size.

Swift 7 is powered by the 8G General Intel Core i7-8500Y processor, 512GB faster PCI SSD storage, up to 16 GB, LPDDR3 RAM and 10 hour battery life.

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