Wednesday , June 23 2021

A pregnant nurse student commits suicide

The Chronicle

Andy Tushma, chronic reporter
A 19-year-old girl committed suicide by hanging herself from the National University of Science and Technology (NZTH) in Bulova. The woman committed suicide with her family members.

Quadre Park, city's native of Blasting Mangina, was the first year student of the train lying on a railway track on Monday night.

My uncle stayed with his uncle because his uncle's parents worked in South Africa.

Parents of the blessings, Mr. and Mrs. Mangane, came from their South African band late evening and should not have grieved over their daughter's death.

The police are looking at them from the police station of Louve.

Bulawayo spokesperson, Inspector Abedinino Encub, confirmed that this was done on Thursday afternoon.

"A 19-year-old girl was found dead on a railway line and we have confirmed the scene of an incident that has been investigated and we can not reveal the cause of death," Inspo EncuBu said.

He visited the Chronicle family and Blise's uncle talked to Trust Mundambuhe.

During his death at his residence in Binga, he went home for a checkup at Lupine State University.

His niece from the backside told her to reveal the reasons for ending her daughter's life. She apologized for disappointment, and she did not know how to break our news, but she had a pregnancy for three and a half months, and after she realized that she was a bachelor in their relatives, she realized that she was a married man and asked us to be strong enough for my mother.

The suicide note reads: "Mum is good, I comfort her, I love her".

After hours, they started to investigate their death from social media at 8 am on Monday.

"And we've seen some viral messages app-watt upeksiccatinusesam looking for her. They were killed in a train, in a park near the Hydro employee beadhavatkaricca Water kadre work. I reached there, my neighbors, my seakkumeappam, but we found it in my anantaravananenn. Wang went to school in the morning without debt Iyirunnuvennan can only recognize her in my jacket, "he said.

Manmumbu, who was a hard-working student, was not at his nephew's house.

Cowdre Park is an active member of the Apostolic faith in the suburb of the city.

"I could not look at her, I could recognize her in my jacket, her leg shoes, and shoes.

If she had told me, I would not have allowed it to do so. This is the issue of families that are headed by the child. Kids do not work in counseling, guidance and neighbors, but our communities have changed, "said Ms. Mumbaboo.

"Her parents invested her a lot of education, and they won the Mitsubishi High School before earning 13 points in the Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry for A-Levels for Cisain High School, a pharmacy study, but she enrolled in a static lead."

Parents and young people are blessed.

Eventually, funeral ceremonies will be announced. – @andile_tshuma

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