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According to the 'Cheng' E-4 tests, China's Moon Rover & # 39; No Map & # 39; Access to standby mode for

Helsinki – China's Chang-4 Lander and UTO-2 Rover examines payloads and systems on the distant part of the Moon; Rover is now known as a & # 39; lunar sound & # 39; Take it.

Chang-4 Lander landed its historic landing at 177.6 degrees east latitude and 45.5 degrees south of Von Carmen Crete within 9:26 p.m. inside the South Pole-Eightken Basin. Eastern Jan 2, after two weeks in the moon orbital.

The rover was enforced by the lender within 12 hours, at 9:22 in Eastern Jan. 3. The rover was officially named Youtube2 (& quot; Jade Rabbit2 & quot;), which came down from China's first moon rover. 2013 Chang-3 missions.

Land monitoring camera imagined the deployment of the rover wheels and the surface craft, these images returned to the earth via Quixo Relay Satellite located in Hollow orbital around the Moon's Lagernge point.

After reaching the predetermined point, Youtube-2 Rover China under the National Space Administration (CNSA), the China Lunar exploration program has entered standby mode to protect itself from the temperature reaching 200 degrees Celsius.

UTU-2-Deployment-UTC 1422-Jan3-2019 140 kilogram router, which has six drawable wheels with four, is able to allow for pivoting in the front and rear, it will resume activities. January 10 Beijing time

Mission's deputy chief commander and designer Zhang Yuhua told the Chinese media that the rover would have to travel to the front of the landlady and create a craft image.

"After that, the Rover will go into the field of its planning and according to the plan by scientists, will start a series of scientific research projects in Von Carmen Crater."

Yuuto-2 rover's design director Shen Zhenrong told China Central Television that adopting a new method to stop Cheng's E-4 cables, because the surface of the rigid moon, blows the cable and triggers short circuits.

In early 2014, Changi-3 Yutu Rover traveled only 114 meters during the second moon day on Murray Imbrium near the moon near the moon.

Jade Rabbit was a companion to Chandra Devi Changi from Chinese mythology, for which China's robotic moon research was named.

On 12th January, preparations for entering a dormant state for the night of the moon, when the temperature can be -180 degrees Celsius.

During this time, the lender – in which there is a small radioSochet thermometer generator – will be able to perform limited tasks.

Cheng & # 39; E-4 payload tests

By touching, spacecraft is testing both science payloads and communication and optical systems.

On Lander, three 5-meter antennas of low-frequency spectrometer have been deployed for advance astronomy, which will be visible in the next two Utu-2 images of the lender.

Lander Transmitter The camera has also been tested and transmits images on the planet. Pallods have also been tested on the first UTTro Rovers with UTV-2 rover's Penrometric Camera and Radar radar radar, Cheng-3 mission.

Robert F. of Kill University of Germany Weimar-Shingbubber, who developed the Lunar Lander Neutron and Dosimetry (L & D) experiment on Lander, told SpaceNews that this tool was launched before the descent from the landlord and tested again after the deployment. Rover.

"As we understand, LND is healthy and usually works," said Wymer-Svenningruber.

LND will want to understand the radiation that is exposed to clay clay and rocks in preparation for potential human research, as well as detect sub-surface water.

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