Friday , May 7 2021

After the autumn market killing Bargain hunters venture

After two months of pain in global financial markets – almost no wealth class has not been released – it's probably time to break out and see if the next group of winners is cheaper.

Of course, the risk is that we are now a long-term bear market, which is taking a long time to reduce the economic growth and reduce the value of assets with the generalization of interest rates.

But we will not forget that President Donald Trump has been re-elected in two years and Chinese President Xi is also an excessive businessman who is an active politician for everyday life.

Interest rates are not ready for roofing and when the business's tariffs are made for large headlines, they still have direct impact on overall trade flows.

For example, despite the threat of new tariffs and more, China's trade with the US reached new high this year.

Even in the global financial crisis of 2008-09, autumn US equity reached the rock bottom after the mornings after mourning, and rarely looked back for the next decade.

It can be a costly mistake that can be very pessimistic when prices are low. That's when the best deals happen.

For example, Dubai billionaire Khalaf al Habitur, in fact, accepted Ritz-Carlton in Budapest during the crash of $ 80 million in 2012, it is indeed a deal.

Warren Buffett is always a loadstar for US markets. They last year in the US They bought shares of the bank and due to this autumn their purchases increased during the market.

40% of its $ 200 billion portfolio is now seven in the top 10 US banks: Wells Fargo, US Banker, Goldman Sachs, Bank of New York Mellon, PNC Financial, JP Morgan and Bank of America.

Why does it make a comment? But analysts have noted that due to regulatory changes after the financial crisis, the bank's stocks are less risky and interest rates increase.

They also sell an average forward-to-earning ratio of 10 to a market average of approximately 16, so argue that they still rarely have a bargain on the highly valued US stock exchange.


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Other analysts are suggesting a decreasing technical stellar of Feng Fame (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google), although the general consensus is that at least the first three still seem expensive.

Looking at the coast in the Gulf last week, I could not help but it seems that nature was a bit parody on the local markets.

With lightning flashing and pouring rain for all of those, it was very violent for a long time. But why was the failure of the sun to fall on the next day?

Make sure oil prices fall 30 percent in fall in sales. Four years ago, oil prices were more than drowning after three-fold increase?

Does this really undo the huge bonus for the Gulf Oil states this year?

Well, the total value of Dubai real estate transactions continued to keep the business going, with the residential property remaining 56% annually in the third quarter to Rs.

The price increases are elusive. But high sales volume for high prices is a common frontrunner.

Thereafter, long term visas were announced for high net worth investors in UAE properties, the second time a tablet was shot in real estate hands, this time the brackets of DH5m are struggling with mortgage cap in December 2013.

Last week, I argued that the four year old UAE real estate downtown is near or really down. Was this a turning point?

See also on Emer Properties for financing for new developments, or talk to Canadian broad Brookfield's Dubai Marace about buying a stake in Developers.

UAE's equity is also trading in multi-year loans, if the oil prices fall, the other incompatibility

Assets price is predicted by most predictors of emerging market emerging market equities as the best thing by 2019. Try Brazil, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Peru, Hungary or Poland.

Lowering London's house prices and pound sterling can also attract you.

Two-bedroom, two-baths in Chelsea, the sub-penthouse caught my eye this week; The price dropped from £ 1.38m (DH6.46) to £ 1m

& # 39; Inspired Sellers & # 39; Poor singers have to quit. They are usually borrowed at the top of the market and are now forced into liquidation situations at extremely critical times.

In the end, note that gold has been well-placed in autumn property sales, and it may be flagged for high prices next year. The bitcoin, on the other hand, & # 39; rat poison & # 39; Proved to be Warren Buffett fearing in advance in the year and moved towards new levels.

Peter Cooper is writing about Gulf Finance for 20 years

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