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Air Pollution Affects Tree Growth in Sao Paulo – Eurasia Review


As well as human health, air pollution has caused significant damage
It also affects the development of trees, they are very elements that can do
This usually accelerates the urban environment problem.

Researchers at São Paulo (USP) University in Brazil
Displays that atmospheric pollutants limit tree growth and ecosystem
Pollution filtering by services provided by trees, such as absorption
Their bark reduces heat to the combination of atmospheric metals, CO2, and heat
Island effect by lightening the solar radiation, metering stormwater
Rain, and humidity control.

This study was confirmed by the São Paulo Research Foundation FAPESP. The results have been published in the journal Total Environmental Science.

"We found that during the years when particulate matter was high in atmospheric materials, for example, the trees were reduced. As a result, they provide an ecosystem services to reduce and reduce urban pollution, or to play an important role in climate change in the city. Beginning in life, "Universities of São Paulo's Bioscience Institute Of said postdoctoral researcher Giulia maseli lokoselie. (IB-USP) with FAPESP's scholarship and first author of the study.

Tipu's tree (Tipu's Tipu), which is also known as a model
Rosewood or Tipu, a huge tree that spreads a wide spread and sprays
Ubiquitous in the city, the researchers measured the influence of air
Pollution and weather on the development of trees in São Paulo. They analyzed the sample
41 Tipuanas are located on average 36 years old and at different distances
From the Kapuava Industrial Estate in Moa, a municipality
Metropolitan area Capuwa is one of the most industrial districts
In this field, with oil refineries, cement plants and fertilizers
Factories, as well as heavy trucks and car traffic.

Samples were taken from tree growth rings using tools
Presser increment is called borer, in which hollow egg bit is and it is
It is designed to remove the cylindrical part of the wooden tissue from the living
The whole tree with its smallest trauma compared to the plant.
All samples were taken at the height of the chest, about 1.3 meters
Top land

By analyzing the chemical composition of bark and size
Development rings, researchers were able to measure variations in the air
Pollution level based on various chemical elements
During their development, the trees were exposed and how to estimate it
Factor Affected Tree Growth

"Tisuya is an excellent marker that clearly represents the layers
Air pollution by heavy metals and other chemical elements
City, "Locosselli said.

Shown in suspended air and other chemicals in the air
Bark Particulate matter is deposited on the leaves, which is growing
Reduces light supply for temperature and photosynthesis. Development
Rings indicate how pollution has affected plant life in the year
Year Thicker rings indicate incredibly growth and lower levels for years
Pollution indicates reaction when thin rings.

Analysis of growth rings has revealed that this tepuan has grown faster
Hot parts of Capuura with high levels of phosphorus in the air
Phosphorus is a known macronutrient for the herbs and works on it
Their energy metabolism by photosynthesis and respiration.

On the other hand, traffic is open from nearby trees and high levels
Aluminum, barium and zinc related to automotive wear
Parts (such as tires, break lines and clutch plates) are displayed less
Growth with time

Particulate matter with diameter of up to 10 micrometres (PM10)
Lowered emissions from factories and plants decreases in average tree growth
As much as 37%

"Trees are directly open from high levels of pollution
In relation to the development of trunk diameter, the factories in this area have been reduced
During his life, compared to plants that are medium and lower, "
People said. "In general development situations, a Tipuana's
Chest-height diameter can reach up to 1 meter. "

Time range for PM10 levels in Cape Town in 20 years
Received from São Paulo State Environment Corporation (CETESB)
And compared to the results of bark and leaf analysis.

Researchers found that 41% of the PM10 levels are in the international
Meanwhile, the growth rate of tree growth with higher levels of growth
Dry months (April-September) decreases the growth rate.

"When the tree grows normally the diameter increases very quickly
But when the growth rate is slow, it changes a bit, "People said."
The ecosystem services provided by the tall tree can have an intensity of 70
More often than a small tree "

Effect on Trees

According to the study's authors, heavy metals and particles
Matter affects replacing optical properties of leaves
Surfaces As mentioned, these pollutants increase or decrease the temperature
Lighting availability for photosynthesis They can also reduce gas
Due to accumulation on leaf stomata (exchange that open and close
To allow carbon dioxide consumption and release oxygen).

"We try to find out whether pollution influences either
The longevity of these trees. Given that the variety of pollution is restricted
The physical system hinders the growth of plants, it probably also makes
Marks said that they make the effects that lead to Sense more vulnerable
Goat, IB-USP professor and chief investigator
Research Project.

Urban pollution may also damage other species
Families like Tipuana found in São Paulo, such as Partridge (Castlegania
Pluvisa) and Ironwood (Sea Liesta).

"Stimulating measures for air pollution, such as encouraging the use of biofuels,
Transportation of electricity and the development of the material
Decreased heavy metal emissions can increase maintenance
The trees and ecosystem services they provide, "said the goat.

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