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An expert says that you know why you feel bad when getting injured

CADILLAC – This is approximately in November. Snow is in the ground. Winter is about a month. This may mean one thing in the medical world.

The history of history after the 2017-2010 flu season is not repeated. But now there are few weeks before you start to hear about viral infections. Once it happens, it will likely be a constant for making headlines.

If you feel terrified, who would have been flu is not possible again, but why? Is there something special about the virus that has the most difficult for multiple days?

Why is the body pulling What are the moments when you are burning? Dr. Pechock, an emergency doctor at the former Cold Health Cadillac Hospital for the answers to these questions, seemed like the other neutrinity of the flu before you start a long, depressing journey in the fever.

Before starting this year, we will check the flu season and end it for a season.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says: "Between October 1, 2017 and May 19, 2017, Influenza disease, high influenza-related hospital, a long time up-to-date nationwide and geographically influential influenza action."

In the last nine years, the CEC has experienced an increase in inflammation such as influenza. Between January and February, high-level activities started and began in March. Influenza A virus was further promoted in February and the overall representation in the season increased. Influenza B viruses continued to remain in March.

From October 1, 2017, to April 30, 2018, the CDC reported reports of influenza with 30,453 laboratories. People's sufferers were in the week ending January. 6. The maximum number of people admitted to hospital are 65 and above 58 years.

When flu deaths among children are reported to the CDC, the swine flu death in older persons is not underestimated. In the 2017-2018 season, the mortality rate of neonatal and influenza is above 16 weeks of infectious disease, the CDC. The average number of CDs in the last five seasons has been 11 on the top of the index.

At national level, the mortality rate of pneumonia exceeds 10% over the next four weeks. In the week ended January 20, it was 10.8 per cent. The number of deaths of 185 children in the CDC 2017-2018 season has also been reported as of October 27.

Do you think when will you get the flu?

When the fever is infected you can say how it is.

Signs of viral infections, high fever, cough, body pains, headaches, headache and fatigue are the symptoms. He said the symptoms are generally cold, and it is more than five to ten days.

He said that your body has caused you how to attack this virus. Thanks, immune.

"This is basically the virus's response to your body's immune system," he said. "Headache causes a headache and bodily pain, and your immune system creates a mucous membrane that causes the virus, which is the response of viruses that adversely affect your body."

He did not want to relieve your immune system.

If you do not have a immune system, you will get a secondary infection, which is the common cause of swine flu death.

What did you win?

He said the need for the best resistance to combine the flu vaccine.

If you have a fever, a person is considered infectious within 24 hours without a fever. If you have symptoms of fluoration, you may be prompted to seek medical attention within the first 48 hours. It does not work for the treatment of swine flu.

"It's not effective, the treatment does not delete it, but it reduces the duration of one or two days," he said. "You will have side effects like other drugs that you should discuss before discussing with doctors."

When the fever is infected, the fever has spread over the mouth through the noise of the mouth. For this reason, it is important for people to cover their mouths and wash their hands regularly.

However, there is no stomach illness. Viruses are the cause of these types of diseases. The symptoms associated with these are usually vomiting and diarrhea.

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