Monday , May 29 2023

Analysts hanging over SAP-Qualcomm's contract $ 8B Do not see a game changer – TechCrunch


SAP CEO Bill McDermott today unveiled his company's 8 billion Chalets acquisition this weekend. You do not expect such a big deal. McDermott believes data quantrics The offer can break the period between his company's operational data and customer, and will remain wherever it is.

The concept behind Quantrix is ​​to understand consumer sentiment. This is a major component of the mechanical area for customer management of the company. It will not only serve as a big player in the customer experience but also control the company's atmospheric cloud business. This is done so as to provide consistent feedback from customer customer.

In this context, he saw the transaction as a transition. "With this experience data functions, we can combine it with quality and SAP In a way that the world has never done before, we basically believe that the world can be changed, "McDaddor told Tech Trott.

The industry's followers did not. When they liked the deal and saw the possibility of synching this kind of data, it would be expected after McDermott's company had spent 8 billion dollars.

Paul Greenberg, the manager of the 56 groups, is the CRM of Speed ​​of Light. The author of the book says it's a big takeover of the company. However, it takes more than it takes, or two market leaders. "It will take advantage of SAP's interest to intervene directly to customers, but that's not a crucial issue," Greenberg said.

Customer experience is what your customers are looking for at a subtle level, and who they are looking forward to and what they mean and what they're looking for and what they're looking for. It's harder to solve than you imagine, especially in collecting systems from different markets that deal with various pieces of different symbols.

Companies like Adobe and Salesforce have focused their primary business. SAP is an ERP company in their heart. Data collects data by handling key internal storage systems, such as finance, procurement, and HR.

Tony Bynn, founder and Principal analyst at Real Story Group, is bringing the quantity to SAP. But as McDermott suggested, he did not say that it was not a big deal. "Enabling you to do more complex forms of marketing that the marketers really want, but in the double benefit – digital worksheets site, like surveysmons, it will be perfectly integrated with SAP's HR touring." That is the central CM. It is not a piece, but SAP is still in trouble due to the company's research, especially when marketing tools and technologies (MarTech)

Brent Lierry, founder of CRM Essentials, SAP is a good company, especially since this year, there is a way to connect with the $ 2.4 billion Kalidas Cloud, especially with the Cell Force and Adobe. "Back and front office operations to provide customers with a broader perspective in terms of data quality and more kvantanks from the system. Kealidas the acquisition of insights and helps to change some of the B2B customer focused experience. However, Adobe, seyilsphearls companies, such as marketing / experience to the attention of the central kladukalumayi Drikariccirikkunna B2C experience, and may require more parts of the tools used to create, "he explained.

It wants to replace a real game with the instructions that McDermott does not suggest. However, industrial experts believe that incremental pieces are more likely to help advance the company's customer experience. If it's true, McDermott may not have finished shopping.

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