Monday , May 16 2022

Announces Backstreet Boys' DNA World Tour, New Album – Zimbabwe Mail


Kevin Richardson, Hoi Daru, Nick Carter, Brian Litrell, AJ McLean Backstreet Boys (AP Photo / Mark Humphrey, File)

The backstreet boys announced a global tour of their new album, DNA.

In the category of "Like World's It's & # 39" released in 2013, including AJ McLean, Hockey Darry, Nick Carter, Kevin Richardson and Brian Litrell. The first record was released. All around the world.

About the new record – New Track & # 39; Chances & # 39; Includes – Kevin said: "All of our influence and styles have been brought into being a unified creation.

"We have these songs as individuals, and we are more representative than who are as a group and we are proud of our DNA."

& # 39; DNA World Tour & # 39; It fires at Lisbon on May 11 and lasts till September 15.

They will be participating in the North American, Europe and the UK on June 17 at the O'2 academy in London.

Backstreet Boys: Larger Through Life & # 39; Currently, 90 performances are performed at the The Atis Theater in the Plaza Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

In the meantime, & # 39; I'm going to do it & # 39; Hit manufacturers have recently worked hard to ensure that new tunes live in their biggest hits, not wanting to do a nostalgic bandage.

Hussey said: "I think it's very easy for a group of nostalgia to turn.

"Our biggest hits are the majority of fans who want to hear when we get to our show, and because of the memories associated with them we never try to fix it.

"A musical concert that people would like to see, we want to put forth the new songs in our concert, with our beloved ones, we are not living in the past."

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