Sunday , September 25 2022

Bentley features its latest luxury car: Continental GT Convertible


Bentley has announced its wonderful new Continental GT convertible – a third-generation grand tourer offering a complete combination of comfort, elegance and peace without compromising on speed.

Made from beautiful craftsmanship, sleek, new model, its unique Z-God roof, in conjunction with car technology, modern amenities and 0-100 km in just 3.8 seconds. Attractive with a pleasing speed of hours / hour.

Gifted as a giant open-top travel summation, the GT Convertible receives the luxury brand, in which Chrome Center Van, hot steering wheel and armrests and ventilated front seats offer newly designed necklaces, which offer a comfortable driving experience in any atmosphere.

Sophisticated design meets as an effective power. A sharp 6-liter Bentley W12 engine is paired with a dual clutch eight-speed transmission so that it stimulates an exciting display with a speed of 333 km / h. The exciting game profile is long and lower than its predecessor, although its signature power continues to dominate the lines, which flows towards muscular Rear Hank.

Irrepressible features include crystal-performance headlamps that hold light like diamonds, retain coat or dark feedback eucalyptus weave, selection of polished wooden steering wheel, switching to switch switch and a pillow cushion on controls, 20-way adjustable Seat heating and massage functions, as well as the option of hand cross-stitch finish.

Technological advances can be shown in a convertible with a 10-speaker sound system (you can choose a 16 or 18-speaker system) in the convertible, modified with real-time traffic information, improved, and supports the biostonic system's first automotive application. A tone setting with a touch-user interface.

Until then there is no screen in the middle of the dashboard, until middle of the engine goes silently until the engine is ignited, which shows 12.3-inch HD digital display with three windows – Bentley's largest touchscreen in history.

By two technological option packs: Comfort comfort or comfort is enhanced by specification.

City-breaking system of hand-free boots, footpath travel warnings, traffic-sign recognition, top-view cameras and city-specification city braking systems allow for an easy urban travel, while adaptive cruise control, traffic-jam assistance, active lane assistance, head-up displays Pre-Sens Breaking of Night Vision, Infrared Camera and Touring Specification, Customer Experience for Long Distance Travel Ptimaijha does.

Bentley Continental offers a lightweight, more accurate ride with its advanced 48-volt roll control system for the untested handling of the convertible GT. This ensures maximum tire-to-road contact for delivering a class-leading display.

Electric power-assisted steering eliminates the distraction in the unhealthy way, while the latest generation continuously dumping control adjusts the dimer forces by continuously measuring the speed and distance between two-wheeler wheels and every corner of the body – contributes toward a simple drive.

For extremely simple stops – Armed with 28 pistons – Security is optimized by the most powerful braking system fitted to Bentley.

If you are after Bentley's comfort mode for the ultimate luxury experience or experience your wind ride through the air in the Sport mode, the Continental GT convertible ensures your breathing.

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