Wednesday , January 20 2021

Chinese gay dating application blade temporarily temporarily registers registration after HIV transition

The Chinese gay dating app Blade is blocking new user registrations for a week, the Sunday said that low-age users had HIV after the dates set by the world's largest networking app for LGBT community.

There is a vibrant lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender scene in China, although activists say that conservative attitudes in some groups of society have sometimes encouraged the government's clampdown.

On Saturday, financial magazine Kexin, citing academic research, said that teenage dating was heavily involved in teens, in which some teens had organized live streaming.

It adds that many gay teenagers had unprotected sex through the app and contracted with HIV, a virus that causes AIDS.

In response, Blade promised to launch "Comprehensive Content Audit and Regulation" and cracked on unprotected teenage users in adults and texts, pictures and groups.

In a statement on its verified account on Vibo on China's Twitter, said, "Blades always prevent the use of logging and applying to adolescents."

The company added that it has enabled artificial intelligence to take out pornographic content from last year and promised to give further support to the AIDS prevention work.

The Beijing-based company did not respond immediately to the request for comment on Sunday.

Blade, which was launched in 2010 and now has 40 million registered users, is supported by state-run media Beijing News.

It is the brain of the former policeman, who left the job of playing Cupid for millions of gay men in China.

The gay dating dating to Grindor, Los Angeles is globally recognized, it also owns a Chinese company.

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