Wednesday , January 27 2021

Congo delays the results of the presidential election

Kinshasa, Congo (AP) – The announcement of the presidential election results of the Congo has been postponed, according to the country's top election official.

The winners held on December 30 will not be announced as expected on Sunday, National Election Commission chief Cornell Nanga told the Associated Press. Election Commission will confirm the delay after Sunday.

The stagnation of winning the winner can increase the tension, because some Congo sees it as a way to change the results of President Joseph Kabila's ruling party to join the ruling.

The Catholic Church, an influential voice in the strong Catholic nation, said that according to its 40,000 election observers recorded in polling stations, it already knows that there is a clear winner. The church election requested the verdict of the verdict to produce specific results.

According to the rules only the voter commission can announce the results of the election, the name of the winner was given to the winner. In order to prevent any speculation on the social media about the government's victory, the central government has reduced Internet consumption across the vast Middle Africa countryside.

Congo faced the first democratic, peaceful migration of power in 1960 after independence from Belgium. Election observers and opponents have expressed concern about irregular voting because the country has long preferred the ruling clan as the successor, however, the candidates of the opposition can remove any doubts arising out of the ruling party candidate.

The United States and the African Union, among others, have urged the Congo to publish the results that reflect the true will of the people. US Threatened restrictions against those who have weakened the democratic process. Western election observers were not invited to vote.

On December 30, and after the Congo was quietly quiet, President Donald Trumpp informed the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that about 80 military personnel and "proper combat equipment" were deployed on the neighbor Gabon to support the safety of US citizens and employees, and political features . He wrote that more will be deposited in accordance with the requirements of Gabon, Congo or neighboring republican Congo.

Prior to the vote, the U.S.A. "non-emergency" government employees and family members were ordered to leave the country.

The ruling party of the Congo, which supports the Shabdari of Kabuli candidate Emanuel Ramazas, has identified the church as "unnecessary and anarchist".

Leading opposition candidate Martin Feuulu, a businessman and legislator, has accused the Congo authorities of pushing his campaign. His campaign manager Pierre Lumbi accused the election commission on Saturday of being "in the process of preventing publication of the results".

Delay is due to slow integration of results by voter officials. Until Friday evening, only 44 percent of the results were compiled by the commission, Jean-Pierre Kalmba said that the process has been slowed, which can only use manual calculations.

A large country in the chunks is rich in minerals that give power to the world's mobile phones and laptops, though it is extremely under-leveraged. Approximately 40 million people were registered to vote, although in the last minute, about 10 lakh voters were banned by the election commission, which was triggered by the Ebola virus in eastern Congo. Eastern Region is an opposition center, and critics have said that the voters' disqualification weakens the credibility of the elections.

The President's election schedule was more than two years later, when the court ruled that the clan can remain in office till the voting is done. Authorities in this delayed have often fiercely opposed and Shadari is now under the European Union's sanctions for his role in the crackdown as the interior minister of that time.

Kabila took office in 2001 after the assassination of her father in 2001, she is banned from serving three consecutive times, but has indicated she can run again in 2023. Many Congressmen suspect that Shadari will rule from shadow if he does the work.

Internet and text messaging services were cut off following a clear attempt by the government to stop the speculation of social media about the results. US The government has requested the restoration of the Internet service, and the UN Human rights spokeswoman warns that "these efforts can come back substantially when the results are announced."


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