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CONTRACTING CARFFIER SA / S (CRRFY), Implant Platinum / S (IMPUY) – Bharat Operations


IMPALA PLATINUM / S (OTCMKTS: IMPUY), CARAFER SA / S (OTCMKTS: CRRFY) are the two basic equity companies, but what is the best business? We reverse the two companies based on their income, analytical recommendations, risk, valuation, institutional ownership, proficiency, dividend.

Income and Evaluation

This list compares the income, sharing and valuation of IMPALA PLATINUM / S, CARREFOUR SA / S.

There is a higher income and income for agricultural SA / S than IMPALA PLATINUM / S.

Risk & instability

Beta Plata / beta is a beta of 0.94. This indicates that the S & P 500 is going to be a 6% drop. In comparison, the farm SA / S is 0.91 per beta, indicating that its share price is 9% lower than that of the S & P 500.


Agricultural SA / S Annual Dividend pay 0.08 USD for 2.0% dividend. IMPALA PLATINUM / S does not have to pay a dividend. Carafor SA / S gives 34.8% of its profits in dividend form.

Institution and Insider Ownership

0.0% IMPALA PLATINUM / S shares belongs to Institutional Investors. Comparatively, 0.1% of agricultural sources are owned by institutional founders. Strong firm ownership is a sign that a large stock managers and hedge funds can help a stock market in the long run.


List this list of IMPALA PLATINUM / S, CARREFOUR SA / S, Return the equity, and return the assets.

Analyst recommendations

This is a summary of the latest ratings of IP Ball Platinum / S and Carfofor SA / A of the report published by MarketBeat.


Compared to two stocks, Impaala Platinum / S Ltd was at sixth among the nine components.

Implant platinum / S.

Platinum, Platinum and Platinum group metals (PGM) in South Africa and Zimbabwe, Impaala Platinum Holdings Ltd. operates in mining, processing, refining and marketing. It works by mining operations, refining services, Chrome processing and other categories. The company produces platinum, palladium, radios, and nickel. P.M.M., including the Bushwold complex in South Africa The Great Dyke is located in Zimbabwe. The company provides smelling and refinancing services. Ewala Platinum Holdings Ltd. is in Johannesburg, South Africa.


Carafor SA operates various formats and channels in France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Poland, Romania, Brazil, Argentina, China and Taiwan. The company operates hypermarkets, super markets, convenience stores, cash and goall stores, and hypercarb stores; E-commerce sites and commerce channels; Service stations. Its stores offer new products; Local products; Consumer Goods; Non-food products including small household products, fabrics and households. In addition, company engages in banking, insurance, property development and franchise activities; Travel agency services provision; Rent of shopping malls. As of December 31, 2017, 12,300 stores were organized, including 1,528 hypermarkets. 3,273 superstars; 7,327 conveniences stores 172 cash and cargo stores. In 1959, Carrefur SA was founded at the headquarters of the Bulonon Billington Courthouse, France.

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