Saturday , January 16 2021

Control: Release date, trailer, and news

It turns out that the secret scheme of remedies, called PD7, is actually called a new game Control. Playstation E3 2018 has been shown during the conference, Control The next game is from responsible developers Max Payne, Alan Wake, And Quantum Break. This game is billed as the supernatural action title which follows the new director of the secret agency in New York. After an unknown threat to our world, you should help reinvent humanity.

Those who have tried the resort for years have known, developers are atmospheric experiences, and best at first making footage Control Indicates that this game will focus exactly what's going on. It certainly does not sadden that these sports are more involved than fighting in sports Alan Wake. In fact, it seems that this title is going to be the classic monkey's awesome monkeys.

Here's what we know here Control.

Control trailer

The latest trailer for control reveals the story of the game and some real details about the universe. Formerly suspicious, it seems that this game will deal with the mysterious international forces, who can work in their way through our various methods in the world. You see the running of the Federal Bureau of Controlling Agent; A government agency responsible for keeping these interdimensional forces in check-in.

First trailer for Control Developer reveals remixed, cryptic, action-packed, and exciting new ventures. Check out:

Control release date

Control Ready to be released for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Remedies did not confirm the release date of the title at this time.

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