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Cristiano Ronaldo: Juventus and Real Madrid contracts a cause – Villas-Boss Football Sport


Cristiano Ronaldo abandoned Real Madrid in July. Cherry A also raised a new challenge in a nine-year prequel to La Liga.

The 33-year-old is also shooting at all cables in Silver Square. The best start for a national campaign is.

In the meantime, Real Madrid has struggled with Real Madrid. Florentino Perez decided not to sign Neymar, Kilayan Mjp and Eden Hazard because Juleen Loppegagua lost job in Portugal instead of Portuguese.

Villas-Boe agreed that he was amazed by the Juventus Transfer, because it was not understood by any of the sports / economic outlook.

"It was astonishing to me," he told the Italian newspaper Corriere Dello Sport.

How do you sell 100 million pounds for Cristiano? From any point of viewpoint: Physical or financial.

"I appreciated Juventus for what they brought."

Villas-Bose believes that Junior Champions League champions have Ronaldo's influence.

"Yes," former Porto, Chelsea and Tottenham Bass added.

"I'm not saying they are the first number one, but now they have a difference."

Real Madrid teamed up with Real Madrid in Real Madrid.

The Portuguese International Pherez has accused Burnabeau of the Alzheimer Stadium for his decision.

"Especially when I felt the side of the club, I felt like they were from the beginning," he said.

"I was as Cristiano Ronaldo & # 39; in the first four or five years.

"The President looked at me with eyes that I do not want to say, and if you know what you're thinking, as I do not deserve.

"That was the way I felt.

Sometimes I looked at the news, and I was asked to go there. I had some of it but in fact I felt that the president did not let me go.

"If all about money, I went to China and would have earned five times more than I was here [at Juventus] Or real.

"I did not pay my money, I was not the same in Madrid.

"The difference is, they really wanted me in Juwe, who told me they showed me.

"Of course I want to be president for me, but let me know that the departure will not be a problem."

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