Friday , January 22 2021

Danny Rosne carabao cup cats from Tatanham after an unexpected attack on Arsenal

Danny Rosse has made a significant attack on Arsenal and his final defeat of the quarter was "karma".

Tottenham Full-Back Roose claimed Arsenal to "celebrate as they won the league" by winning the North London derby three weeks ago in Emirates.

Arsenal players had posted dressing room cells, club legends claimed that "North London is red" and the club's official Twitter feed, Tottenham, was joking about.

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But Rose returned again, saying: "Our sole motivation was to remind Arsenal a few weeks ago, remembering the nonsense posted after the game. It was our motivation.

Arsenal's festive ending was infected with Spurs' players

Rose says that Tottenham encouraged him with his behavior

The first North London derby of the season was highly controversial

"The players who played only ten games for Arsenal were moving forward in front of us, we used them positively. Karma … You know? They are absolutely deserving of Arsenal."

Roseman Arsenal also warned that Tottenham hopes that North Koreans will expel London's expatriates from the carabao cup and end them at the end of the season for one and all.

He added: "We had an inspiration to enter the semi-finals, so we are on the moon that we are in the semifinals. But cherry at the top was silencing them.

Spurs took revenge on Arsenal in the Carabao Cup

Rose says that & # 39; Arsenal & # 39; Celebrated it wins the league

"Remember, they won a game in early December and they are celebrating as they won the league.

"We are on the moon that we have fulfilled that result. We will see where they are at the end of the season and we will see where we are."

When he travels to Everton, Spurs returns to the Premier League's action on Sunday.

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