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Diddy had a relationship with the children he was with Kim Porter


Although the "DD" Kombus Scene was split in the late Kim Porter in 2007, their children always had enterprise.

A couple who have begun to date in the 90's have three children. Son Christian, two daughters aged 20 and 11, Lilla Star and Jessy James. Besides, Porter's eldest child, Quincy, 27, collected him as a liar.

In 2017, he spoke with Quincy People Compbs and his father was a "friend, teacher, therapist".

"My father did not notice the biggest lesson she taught me." Quincy said. "That & # 39; s no & # 39; really you think you own your car in your car.

In the music industry, he responded to the Christian who followed his father: "Boss of what I do is to define music, he supervises everything, he is a leader and we have a close relationship."

Kim Porter and Cian DD combinations with Qincy Brown, Christian Comps, Justin Cummings

Kim Porter, Sean "DD" horns Brown Quincy Brown, Christian Comps, Justin Kombus

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Relationship: Kim Porter Died 47: Everything to Know About the Model, Fourth & Sean & Diddy & # 39; Horns & xx;

The guys have close ties with Sangma's twin daughters. In social media he often refers to his "children".

In September, the proud Pope announced that his twin girls are already starting Middle School for the biggest milestones in the lives of his children.

Porter and Combs broke out in 1999. The court also challenged the court for supporting the Christian child. They welcomed that first year. Before comparing Porter in 2003, Comps moved to Jennifer Lopez for two years. In the months leading up to their twin daughters, they split up in 2007.

Nevertheless, for many years, parents have maintained good relations with the DD Jet In 2008, Magazine had maintained good relations with their friends.

In 2006, daughter welcomed Chance with Sarah Chapman. Justin, a 24-year-old Justin and Kombuzu, along with their former girlfriend Misa Haline Brim.

"They are compassionate and great crowds are very dear to their hearts," and the horns told six-strong infants before. "I am the most honorable in the world."

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The campus spends a lot of time sharing with kids and the park.

In September, music composer Mogullül participated in a music composition by three of Cams girls and Beyonce and Uncle J..

Earlier this year, Kumbin's "Queens" joined their father Kensinke Derby.

Parker and Compass children came out in October to showcase Quincy's new Netflix film Vacation calendar.

Parker wrote with a group of family shots at that time: "NETFLIX Christmas Movie Quincy will be screening the whole cuereen for screening, to watch the Christmas movie holidaymakers. I cried in the spirit of the holiday, but the majority got his dreams."

Diddy's children were in touch with his 49th birthday. There he jumped out of the plane and went down to Playboy Mansion.

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After the death of Los Angeles County Sheriff's office Porter, at 11:40 a.m., at Tolluka Lake, California. Was confirmed in a statement claiming the death penalty has been ordered.

Porter died in firing.

The cause of death at this time is unclear. According to TMS Sen's immediate dispatch call, the 911 call card has been changed. It is not yet clear what the death of Fertertown, but revealed a source of inflammation within a matter of weeks.

"Diddy is shattered and shocked," said a source of people. "He and Kims are still very close friends and co-parents, even though their love affair did not work."

The source added, "They were still a family."

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