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Dimember sponsors shoot in South Africa


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Robson Sharko Senior Sports Editor
Multi-millionaire businessman Simon Rudland, whose $ 5 million injection into Dynamos earlier this year provided a life-kiss for the Glamor Boys, was shot and killed in Johannesburg Wednesday morning with serious injuries.

The two killers are said to have fired nine bullets in the car in which Rudland and his lawyer were traveling, in which the dealer was hit in the neck and transported to a hospital, where, according to South Africa reports, he is in critical condition.

South African media have a shockingly high homicide rate in the country and city of hit, two white golf GTI men pulled in the back of a car that had Rudland and his lawyer parked outside the fair. Offices of the Trade Tobacco Association in the plush Norwood area of ​​Johannesburg.

CCTV images show a Porsche Buster Caster in which Rudland and his lawyer were traveling, parked in front of Fit A fees, before a scheduled meeting for members of the organization.

After that, the white golf GTI pulls behind the Porsche and shots are fired before the attackers are released from the scene of the incident.

Porsche was then discharged and quickly transported to a hospital where Ritland, a FITA member, was admitted and is said to be in critical condition at the Intensive Care Unit.

Rudland, which is interested in tobacco by Golden Leaf Tobacco and R&G Cigarettes, is believed to be Zimbabwe's richest, a five-year sponsor deal with Dynamos as the main sponsor of the country's largest football club.

According to reports, his net worth is around US $ 98 million, while his brother Hamish's billionaire businessman Strive Macieva's millionaire league is worth about $ 250 million, estimated at $ 2,5 billion.

Norton MLA Temba Milisawa tweeted the news about the attack.

"Just heard that Simon Rudland was nearly killed by some South African gunman." Tweeted Miliswa, who was short-lived as the chairman of the DiSmos ​​and working as a fitness coach for the Warriors and Sables.

“Thankfully she is now out of danger. Wishing a good friend and brother a speedy recovery. ""

FITA chairman Sinnanhહnhlala Manguni confirmed the shooting on Thursday in News24 and other South African media outlets.

"It's a shock to all of us," Manguni said. “At this stage the police are investigating. This is something we take very seriously.

"We have to let Mr. Rudland recover."

Manguni said he did not know of any threats to Rudland before the incident.

"Now our priority is to make sure Mr. Rudland is safe."

Fit issued a preliminary statement confirming, "Yesterday, an incident happened outside our offices. In this regard, FITA will be issuing a statement these days.

"We further confirm that members of SAPS were present at our offices fisheries conducting their investigation and they were linked to CCTV footage of the above incident.

"There will be no further comment on this issue and we ask that SAPS be allowed to conduct their investigation."

Various South African media have reported that two attackers at the White Golf GTI were waiting for a surprise attack at Fita's offices in Norwood.

When Rudland and his lawyer arrived for the FITA meeting, nine shots were fired from the handgun, targeting Rudland's main area.

One bullet has been reported to have run in his throat.

This was corroborated by the images captured by CCTV.

Citizen newspaper said footage of the shooting was sent to their offices in Fiso yesterday.

"Simon Rudland, co-owner of the Gold Leaf Tobacco Corporation and a member of the Fair Trade Independent Tobacco Association, was seriously injured Wednesday morning in an apparent attempted murder in Johannesburg," the newspaper said.

"The footage was sent to Citizens on Thursday morning. You can see the Porsche Buster Kuster Rudland pull up the trip and then the white VW Golf GTI with the suspects following him.

"After the shooting, he made his way to the hospital immediately."

At the time that Rudland's company came to the rescue of the Dynamos, the Glamor Boys were facing a serious financial crisis with Ruland and George, which unveiled a $ 1 million sponsorship package for five years and was subject to escalation. Financial costs

Gold Leaf Tobacco Zimbabwe was introduced by their executives Lovejoy Bamala and Hannah Rudland, who is the company’s marketing and sales manager.

Dembere president Isaiah Mapfurutsa called the sponsorship package an important event in the history of the country's largest football club.

"We are confident that Dynamos can regain its status as one of the best clubs on the continent.

"But to achieve that, the Dynamos will need to rediscover themselves and take on a whole new ball." Mufurutsa said.

“Today we are delighted to announce that Dembere has found a great companion to accompany on this new journey. We believe that a trip will take us back to African safari in the not too distant future.

“Dynamos have not won a Premier Soccer League title since 2014. We have now gone for four seasons without laying our hands on that important silverware.

“The 2018 season was a season we wanted to forget quickly.

You all saw that you could change everything that happened before the timely intervention of the business.

“Millions of our supporters are not happy with that figure. We all know Dembere fans are demanding because they believe their team should always be with the best.

"He believes that the Dynamos should always win the championship and they should be forgiven for that recognition because Dembar is indeed a football giant who should always dominate the top flight league.

"Thanks, I can safely tell you tonight that the Dynamos are on their way to recovery."

Last season was sponsored by NetBeans by Dimbre.

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