Friday , August 19 2022

Doctors are losing their homes in a flop with a flat in Mapli


Bulova's correspondent is Correspondent

Doctors at MPLA Hospital and other health experts in Bulova have lost thousands of dollars in assets on Saturday. A flame with a health problems and a resident bar burned the fire.

Reports indicate that the stupa was started not to look at the source at the real estate health center.

The fire extinguisher was undertaken when visiting the Nizamabad dot-com government hospital during daytime. Some workers take away some things from the building.

"I think someone gave me a stove, and I realized that fire started in one of the flat's apartment, and some people lost their entire property," said a fledgling native.

Operating Director of The Hoshiery Joe Charangwa said in a telephone interview with the NewSQL document that the cause of fire was evident.

The investigation is still under way. As I said, firefighters are doing some quests in the ground, "said Charangwa.

At that time, the cannonballs could not be purchased.

"We still evaluate the damages," he said.

Richard Petersen, Bulawayo's chief fire officer, could not reach his phone.

On November 6, three families in the Guantanati province's hospital lost electricity after thousands of dollars collapsed after a fire broke out.

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