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Dog to eat dog at ZIFA elections – Nehanda Radio


Langton Nyakwenda

Having excluded the Zifa Presidency debate on Friday, the emerging President, Felton Kamambo, believes the Federal Election Code was captured by incumbent Philip Chiyangwa and his associates.

Chiyangwa and the substitute for Highlanders and Dynamos
Chairman of ZIFA, Phillip Chiyangwa and Vice President Omega Sibanda during Highlanders and Dynamos

According to the Zifa Electoral Committee, Kamambo – a former member of the board of directors – is not eligible for the competition because it still imposes a three-year ban on the ban issued by Zifa in April because it is allegedly trying to offend the Chiyangwa-led body by unconstitutional means. later known as the "Sandton Project".

The letter to Kamambo, signed by Zifa's CEO Joseph Mamutse on Friday, said, "You were not properly appointed. You did not pass the integrity test."

But Kamambo fired guns yesterday. He swore he was fighting with the teeth and with his knees against his exclusion.

"I will fight and nail against exclusion. I think the Electoral Commission has been captured by those in power," he sighed.

Even after last Friday's meeting of the Election Commission, the Donald Banda and Ishmael Chibvunye and Mlungisi Moyo, both of them aboard, were rejected.

In essence, the exclusion of Kamambo and Banda means that the chairman and vice president of Chiifa and Omega Sibanda Zifa remained.

According to the electoral commission, Banda's nomination was incorrect.

In an explanation of the reasons cited by the Electoral Commission, in the letter to Banda, "You are still in rehabilitation before being suspended. It did not pass the integrity test."

According to the Election Commission, although the ban on ending the Banda match expired in 2013, the former Njube Sundowns president needs five years of rehabilitation, which will only remain in mid-December.

The Election Board elections will be held on 1 December.

The Chibvunye corporate guru, who was excluded from providing false information about his football management experience, claims that he is "totally astonished" in development.

Chibvunye, who was in front of the popular Mzansi 90 Fundraising Committee at the 2012 Afcon Qualifiers, listed a side of the old DSTV Rangers northern region as part of the football experience.

"I'm completely shocked, as a member of the corporate sector, I thought it would play a big part in football in the corporate world." "It's sad that they closed the door," Chibvunye said.

According to the list of the Election Commission of the Election Commission, Vusilizwe Vuma, six candidates will fight the four board members.

Incumbent Philemon Machana, a board member, finances his position in a race involving the public relations guru and Manica Diamonds Secretary-General Sugar Chagonda, businessman Chamu Chiwanza and former Brighton Malandule.

Broadcaster Barry Manandi and head of the central region, Stanley Chapeta, are also participating in the board members' positions. The Sunday letter

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