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Dramatic collapse of Carlos Ghos is back in Lebanon

BEIRUT – As one of the most powerful leaders in the industry, they may have fallen from Grace to international level, but Carlos Ghos can get constant support in at least one corner of the world.

Leben has long hoped that Ghosn, whose grandparents are Lebanese and has extensive development projects in the country, will one day play a big role in politics, or help to save its growing economy.

But former chairman of Nissan Motor Company Ghosan was detained on charges of reporting his income last month, and on Friday the Japanese court extended 10 days more detention.

Now, the politicians of the board are involved in their defense, some detain their detention indicating that they can be a part of a political or business-inspired conspiracy, and the government has even thought of communicating here for a trial from Tokyo.

"In a security conference in Beirut this week, Home Minister Nahad Manchuk said:" In his tragedy, I say that the Lebanese Phoenix will not be crushed by the sun of Japan. "

Lebanon, a small country of 4.5 million, takes pride in its large immigrant community and successful businesswomen and celebrities of Lebanese heritage. It includes Mexican business magnate Carlos Slim, Colombian singer Shakira, Mexican-American actress Salma Haik, Lebanese-British barrister Emil Clooney and fashion designers Alley Saab and Rim Akra.

Lebanese took special pride in the auto industry's icon, having a Lebanese passport, he speaks Arabic regularly and visits regularly, including his last visit to Tokyo before detention. Born in Brazil, where his grandfather of Lebanese invented his fortune, Ghos was born in Beurut, where he played a childhood role at Jesuit School.

He started his enthusiasm in the auto industry, first with Renault and then bringing bankruptcy with the wrist ring back to Tokyo, keeping Ghos in touch with old friends. He was married twice, the Lebanese woman who lives in Beirut, and again in 2016, Carol Nahus, also the Lebanese heritage.

As Maronite Christian, Ghos was named as a potential candidate for the President, but he repeatedly dismissed suggestions that he would run for office and say that he is not a politician. President's position is reserved for a Christian in the government's government's sectarian-based government.

Although the extent of their businesses in Lebanon is not well known, Ghos has been invited to interview about various real estate projects in the country and sits on the boards of various universities, hospitals and charities. In 2012, he became a partner in the Lebanese wineries IXSIR, and is a board member of the family owned Sardar Bank.

In 2017, the government honored him with a special postal stamp – a show of man's honor, believed to be a model of Lebanese entrepreneurial spirit.

So when the news broke out on November 19 that the 64-year-old Ghosu was detained on charges, he had reported millions of dollars in earnings, and Nissan was accusing him of using the company's money for personal gain, people in Lebanon were surprised – and many dissatisfied Were there.

Lebanese Foreign Minister Gibran Basile immediately issued a statement that Lebanon will settle Ghos, he added that he asked Lebanese ambassador to find "the model of Lebanon's success abroad" in Tokyo. Ambassador Ghosn then met three times. According to a report on a local TV channel, the Japanese capital is being kept in a small cell – by providing mattress and food in the form of salmon.

The dramatic mound of Ghoss has sparked various conspiracy theories, some claim that their arrest was a mistake of the US to punish them for protesting Iran's sanctions, and others have speculated that it is an internal rebellion driven by Nissan's officials. .

Information Minister Mallheim Reichi urged officials to interfere with the Japanese government, tweet: "One inquiry is very important. Something bored."

The accusations against Ghosn have been reported in Japanese media, but without confirmation, it suggests that he spent Nissan's funds on Paris, Beirut, Rio de Janeiro and fancy houses in Amsterdam, and family holidays and other personal expenses. Ghosse denied the accusations against him, saying his income is not intended to be underportport, reports say.

One of Beauut's most valuable real estate districts, Ghos' three-storey property is for its pink walls and blue-shuttered windows. The traditional Old Lebanese house was acquired and renovated in 2014, the neighbors said they had visited them sometime.

"He is a successful businessman with a good reputation … he is someone who will not expect you to cheat", said Ruba Rabah, an art gallery against Ghos's property.

Another neighbor who refused to give her name says that he was surprised by news like every other Lebanese, who remembered Goes four years ago how Goes could see personal supervision of the operation.

They also came around them after releasing their chairmanship of Lessen businessmen, Ghosan's personal friends, Nissan's chairman and Japanese partner Mitsubishi Motors Corp.

A group of Lebanese lawyers are now considering making a team for its defense, and Justice Minister Salim Jaristi told Lebanese daily Ann-Nahr that the government wants to tell Japan to expand Ghosh to face the trial on Lebanese soil.

Lawyer Amal Hadad told the Associated Press that he and the Lebanese lawyers' syndicate were considering the current head options of Andrei Chadique. Hadad said, "As long as we formally issue this case, I can say.

In Ghos's fall, many people here see the lost opportunity. The country's economy is struggling, experts warn that decades after false management, corruption and neopotism it is close to the fall.

Cabinet Minister Mouni Merhabi said that the arrest of Ghos is regrettable.

He told the AP, "He is an important personality, an economic personality that we hope that one day will play a role in the Lebanese political life, in defending Lebanon."


Associated Press writer Basham Morrow contributed.

Zee Karam, Associated Press

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