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Enzo Ishal will deliver Zimbabwe Festival season


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Tantai Svimba, Shobus Reporter
Enzo Ishall continues to claim his share of Zimdancehall artist in music industry as he hates more hits.

Recently the singer introduced the local people & # 39; Kannada & # 39; In the United States. It should play in any party.

He gave not only a track but also introduced them to the lifestyle of the Emperor as Kanji – a dance-only dance for Merba, completely captivated in the music video of the song, which mimics many.

Like King Monadada's Idibala (falling song), everyone likes to dance to the gorge, regardless of their location.

Prior to Kunchavi, he first sang Cheta Kowchko in the film Chinnapattum Rimm "Panohohnya Mundhal" in March this year when Enzo Ishal was first spotted by Simdfsfoll followers.

Not slow down, & quot; Sonny Renaudo Kudosoka & # 39; Enjoy Isol is another track. Socialist Genius & # 39; Gnibby & # 39; Kunduru has shot a video of his favorite shoe.

The track describes the importance of wearing a good shoe, especially men and women to assess the type of shoes they wear.

Recently, Enzo Isal was released the next time, and the music album has captured a number of music songs.

The video from the comic pastor comic pastor released on YouTube last week has already gained more than 50,000 views.

In Mbra's video shoot, comic pastor decides to run after she learns that she has a thief who has stolen an underwear.

Sadly, the thief is stoned to his face. Now get saved.

Enzo Ishalin, a thief, was hiding in the chair there. Then begins to sing as a comic pastor: "The next time Vanu Wachididji Mabao Hublala, Jungu Rechida Kuncy Walkapu Nadir, Nadalah ufunge, Isi Kusaasa mumba honey Pengi"

After viewing the video ending with comic pastor along with Enzi, many inspired Enzo Ishaal to encourage such creations to make sure that the underlined factory was broken up.

Note that the artists in Simdenshas played in their game. Many of them fill out the non-international platforms.

The introduction of this duplicate is that artists are real.

At the start of Thomas Mafioso they disregarded it. It is very difficult to raise your voice like the Yamamas.

Nevertheless, they have localized and proved that the mapfouement was incorrect, thereby making them a good run for spending as much money as Dunk D.

The new item of Simdenshal artists always goes through a bonus with high density guards, making it easier for their followers to make it easier.

Enzo isol, for instance, handkerchar Kundan Quenuu and Kanchivea talk about sex life and the next time.

Videos for three songs were depicted on Mbare, which built a high density suburb on the map.

Enzo said: "I'm making music that speaks of people living in the ghetto, and this new song is usually talking to people who live in the ghetto stealing clothes in dress code."

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