Saturday , January 16 2021

Gene map can unlock new remedies for osteoporosis

Gene map can unlock new remedies for osteoporosis
Image: Queensland University

By identifying approximately 500 genetic markers to determine bone mineral density, a new study has the potential to unlock new remedies for osteoporosis.

Bone mineral density is one of the strongest risk factors for osteoporosis. It is a normal age-related condition that is classified by bone strength and progressive reduction of density, which results in high risk of fracture.

Scientists at Queensland University investigate DNA from more than 400,000 people in UK biobank.

Genetic doctor John Camppe said, "In those samples, our study identified thousands of potential drug targets for future osteoporosis therapy. We discovered that genetic markers were the biggest effect for improving bone density and reducing the risk of fractures."

"This will allow medicines to compress their discovery in order to prevent fractures in osteoporotic fractures prejudiced people."

David Evans, Professor of Queensland University Genetics, said there are currently a few treatments for osteoporosis which have increased bone density.

"Most of the recent therapies of osteoporosis work slowly rather than slowing down the rate of bone loss, rather than increasing the existing bone mass."

"There is a significant need to develop new pharmacological agents that treat osteoporosis but prevent disease performance in the first place."

"We hope that our study will accelerate this process by providing the Atlas of hopeful goals that pharmaceutical companies can use to prioritize drug addictions."

Findings have been published in Nature Genetics.

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