Monday , May 29 2023

Happiness: Mussarabani oil in boutique


The Herald

Business reporter
Zebabwei's Muzarabani oil source produces 3.9 trillion cubic foot (TCF) gas and 181 million barrels of conventional gas.

The Netherlands, SEEL & Associates, Inc. said that the country is likely to have a traditional phenomenon with 3.7 Tcf and 181 Million barrels for the economic equivalent of 850 Million barrels. (NSSSI) reports an independent report. Canconset or conventional gas.

Inquisitors' Managing Director Scott Macmillan said: "Simply put, the government will give 500 MW of electricity to the company for 40 years at 3.9 Tcf and 181 Mm barrels of fuel to give us enough fuel for the next 20 years and 25,000 barrels per day."

Zimbabwe's "Giant-level Field Problems" aimed primarily at the Muzarabani prospect.

Additional possibilities will be considered in the post-salmic recycling results in the first quarter of 2019.

"The Kabax Bazaar Project is likely to add material prospectus references in the SG 4571 area," said McMillan, "for all the above limits and more crowded upper layers of the Masjabani structure.

The high output of 2.2 billion bonds is strong. Mesabani confirms one of the busiest structures in the African region.

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