Tuesday , January 26 2021

Health officials say there is no end to the climax of the Clark company's acne

Vancouver, WA (KPTV) – The spread of acne is only increasing, now 23 are confirmed cases and two suspected cases.

Public health officials in Clark County say this is going on for weeks or months.

A mom called a close friend with her son.

Jacqueline Hale is a 4-year-old child, constantly running and playing.

But last week, his mother, Jamie Carle, knew something. His little boy was in bed with fever and rash.

After the recent acne eruption in Clark County, she was the worst threat.

Her son was in the Vancouver home connection earlier in the week, which is on the Exposure List.

"I was afraid," said Carl. "Seeing those features was like an unbelievable thing where I did not want to associate it with acne, but it reached the point where it was like, these are all the features and I need to do something more or at least inform it to anyone who What can I say? "

The good thing is that Jaxin received both acne vaccine, which is 97% effective, and after talking to Clark County Public Health, Karl realized that his son is good.

It seems that, jacquins have eczema and fever at the same time.

But in the latest calculations, 23 others are not very lucky.

Clark County Public Health Director Dr. Alan Melnik said, "I'm not really coming to an end soon." He said that low vaccination rates of the county are full of incandescent for these infectious diseases.

County vaccination rate is 78 percent.

Ideally, he says that over 90 percent will be over.

Melnik said, which keeps me at night, it is possible that we may lose a child in this disease or have serious problems.

And because the number of cases and exposure sites is increasing, it says that these spreads last for months.

This is the first time that Clark County saw acne since 2011.

Dr. Melnik said that someone might have brought acne from another country, and after that they spread like strangers to wild strangers.

The possibility of getting itching after vaccination is extremely low.

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