Sunday , May 16 2021

Herald is double platinum


Mukudzi Chingwere Sports Reporter

FC Platinum …………… .. (1) (2)

Triangle United ……………..

Premiership Champion FC Platinum defeated the Triangle in Castle Challenge Cup last year at Mandvaa and doubled the league and cup when he got a good warmth in the next clash against Madagascar's CNAP.

FC Platinum will organize CNAPs in the inaugural round of the Champions League, a second leg tie at Mandawa on Wednesday.

But he had the local duties of the first time to care for and stop his season.

Despite having made eight changes in their side, League Champions won the day by goal by Golf Ambetti and Thomas Chadoo, who scored in half and ensured that he would win the Cup to run for the second year.

Last year FC Platinum defeated Harare City for claiming a single cup.

This cup has been modeled to bring curtains on the premier season and yesterday's game was an exhibition of two best teams this year.

FC Platinum coach Norman Mapeza had an eye on the Champions League assignment and rested eight players, who started the game in Madagascar, including captain Petros Mati.

But FC Platinum was in danger when Warriors defender Kelvin Moyon was forced to leave the work untimely and immediately skeptical about his availability for the match against the Indian Ocean Islands on Wednesday.

However, Moyo believed that he could recover timely to play part in the opposite match against CNAP.

"It's a tight muscle, but I do not think it's really bad, I think I'll be available for selection in the next three days. When I got pulled to clean the ball, I felt a little uncomfortable and it would be difficult to continue with the game at the time. But now I'm not in big discomfort.

"I believe that tomorrow I will have a clear picture if I can play a part or not, but I hope I will be ready and I will work hard to be available for selection."

The triangle quickly settled into the match and in the sixth minute, Colin Mojou should have minimized the target, but after a bright feed by Russell Madmombe, he was on the header bar.

Two minutes later the miner went ahead, William Citamin's free-kick free-kick blamed Silvanga for targeting white cow makers, and directed it by Mubuetti.

FC Platinum was threatening to flee with a quarter of one hour of action, but Chayudu failed to defeat Chilagan in his nearest post.

The opposite-end coach Tori Mongviro was refusing to put in the submissions, and Donald DjVina tried the series with a powerful drive, but his efforts directly crashed against the people. There was also a try on Phineas Burmese at the bar.

Speedster Marshall Mudhave had opposed the opposition, but there was a lack of slot house in the open district of Siliganga, on which efforts were encouraging.

Ten minutes before breathing, Ralph Cavendera had set a specific test for Francis Tizi in FC Platinum's goal, but the goalkeeper could put a strong hand on it.

In the second half, in the second half, the hosts got the insurance goal, while Chadu showed violent sentiment, clearly running in open space, before defeating Chilgaon in the open space before running open space in open space.

Mangvir congratulated his opponents for his victory and wasted the missed opportunities for his defeat.

"Allow me to congratulate our opponent for victory and win the league and win the challenge cup.

"I think it was the difference that it was in change, FC Platinum took their chances, we raised the opportunities, but failed to convert them, we also hit the crossbar at three occasions at the end of the day, those opportunities are difficult for you," Mangwiro said.


FC Platinum: F. Tizayne, J. Mukbuve, L. Mahalanga, K. Moyo (C. Seibanda, 69th minute), W. Sitima, K. Medzongwe, D. Chaffa (M. Dube, 90th minute), Ann, Tiger (F, Muntahang, 75th minute), M.Dudeh, T. Chadu, G. Mbputi

Triangle United: T. Chilanganga, T. Mugoniva (A. Chiwandier, 66th minute), A, Chivia, D, Divivina, R, Cavendera, K, Chingwida, T, Hwa (P. Manhanga, 46th minute), R. Madombe, P. Bamushi, C. Dhuwa, S. Makoni (L. Namo, 51st minute)

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