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How does coffee affect your brain? Marriage can safeguard your health in many ways, says the study


If you want to give your body a glow for a big test or a major presentation, you will have a cup of coffee (or three) to give more energy to your mind. If I'm not honest, there was continuously in my college days in Kafeefod. But that is not your favorite Latin Just one The density is useful for a minute. According to new research, the way coffee is affecting your brain is not incredible. During the short run and long periods of time, drinking can keep your mind strong and healthy, and protect you from developing certain diseases.

Researchers at the Cambrab Brain Institute in Toronto say that light roots, black roast and daffenine and black fried coffee affect the brains of people of the time. Results published in the journal Frontiers in NeuroscienceDiscovering the results is a bit complex, but not least in terms of caffeine and black cabbage, the discovery results have shown that if you are sensitive to coffee, you can still enjoy the benefits of drinking brains.

As research suggests, how does that brain stream work? At the time of coffee frying process, the compound called finailylene is formed. Prunelindence is important because it helps to prevent the formation of proteins, and may cause the development of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease in the long run for the winter.


It is more attractive that these protective phenomena are quite natural. "Mother Nature is a good chemistry, our nature has been able to make these compounds," said Donald Weaver, co-director of Krembil Brine Institute. "If you have a complex compound, it's very much better to grow in a crop, harvested it and trying to get it out."

What is more, the benefit of brains to prevent and prevent Parkinson's disease. Coffee can also make your brain better in the long run. It was published in a publication by British Polyglobal experts NatureResearchers gave 200 ml of caffeine to 200 mg caffeine tablets (approximately two cups of coffee). They did not drink coffee regularly. According to the results, caffeine tablets have more blood flow to prepral cortex, lateral strategy, visual cortex and motor area. These areas, your attention, the relationship between the alert and the motor function. So if you want to sharpen your brain strength, you can jeopardize your Espresso habit.


Also, you can keep awake at the time you drink tea before a major learning session, the short-term memory formation of your brain will be more effective, a study published by the Journal Psychedomyogy. Along with the alert you might expect from a coffee fridge, 30 minutes after coffeeing, the visual information could be processed and the more accurate spatial memory was added to form the whole of the information.

Honestly, I can go all day on the benefits of coffee. But if you still do not know, in Al Cloire, Trelo Rich, MD, Mayo Clinic Health System in May Chlorine in Wisconsin, "Decrease in Depression, Parkinson's Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, Liver Disease and Liver Cancer."

If the caffeine you become harsh, you do not miss out on this stimulus stimulating representation. Doctor Rishi NBC told the news that your body could still benefit from the culinary caffeine. "Some of these are also found in decaffeinated coffee drinking, which are associated with antioxidant contained in coffee."

Pink up, friends!

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