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Today in history

Today is Sunday, November 18, 322nd day of 2018. 43 days a year is left.

Highlighted in today's history:

On November 18, 1978, members of the US Republican Leo Jean Ryan, D-Calif and the other four members joined the JonasStown. There have been murders. More than 900 pagans were killed by a large number of pagans.

On this date:

In 1883, the United States and Canada adopted a system of standard time zones.

In 1916, the First World War broke out with the British and French forces against the German army at the Battle of the Som. Bloodshed ended in 4 1/2 months.

In 1928, Walt Disney's first sound-synchronized animated cartoon "Steatboat Willie", featured in Mickey Mouse, was shown in New York.

In 1936, the Spanish government recognized German and Italian Francois Franco.

In 1959, the "Ben-Har" exhibition of the Biblical period depicting Charton Huston became famous in New York.

In 1966, the US Roman Catholic Bishops issued a publish statement on pdf and abstinence.

In 1976, Parliament of Spain adopted a draft bill for a democratic system after 37 years of dictatorship.

Colwick and Hobbes, originally created by Bill Watterson in 1985, were first published. (Strip for 10 years.)

In 1987, the Congress-Iran Contra Committees issued their final report. President Ronald Reagan had "ultimate responsibility" for his wrongdoing. At least 31 people were killed in a fire at London's King's Cross railway station.

In 1991, the kidnapping of Shia (She-Eye) Lebanon, Terry Weitt, representative of the Anglican Church, and the resident of California, California, Beatrice Thomas Beatrale of Birmingham, rescued.

In 2003, the Massachusetts Constitution Supreme Court ruled that the right to marry a gay woman in 4 to 3

In 2004, England banned the spine in England and Wales.

Ten years ago: Big Detroit's three auto automakers have applied for 25 billion dollars and warned of a national financial disaster. Dustin Pedrovias of Anesher Basque Cos Boston, USA, Builder, who won the American League MVP award.

Five years ago: Tony's City Council council member exploited the Mayor Rob Ford for a number of mandates to exploit the member. NASA's robotic explorer Mawen rushed towards Mars. In an investigation to cover the mysterious mystery about the astounding climate change of the red planet.

A year ago: The great crowd shook Zimbabwe's capital into a carnival state by President Robert Mugabe. Mugabas is now in power and under house arrest, under military command. For more than 30 years, after the Sinfin Party in Northern Ireland, Garry Adams declared that he was tired. In the world he was known for the role of the Irish Republican movement from nonviolence to peace.

Dance director Brenda Waggroo 79. Author of poet Margaret Audwood 79. 79. Actress Linda Evans 76. Actress Sushan Sullivan 76. Nadan Singer Jackyard 72. Actor James Parker 71. Actress and actress Andrea Marcovicciya, 70 years old The rock musician Herman Rebel (69) Garre Parker 68. Actor Delay Lyndo 66. Comedian Kevin Neilon 65. Pro Football Hall of Fame Quarters Warren Moon 62. Actor Oscar Nunes 60. Actress Elizabeth Perkins 58. Singer Kim Rock Singer Kirk Hammet (Metallica) 56. Rock singer Tim Dal Lara is 53. Actress Paita Wilson is 48 years old. Cloice Savini is 44. The singer Jesse Alexander is 42. The actor is Steven Pasal 42. The rock musician Alberto Bough (Lucas Nelson & Rear Phobolis 41) is the debutant director Nick Parker 39. The film is directed by Ascension Wins Jr. 36. Actress Nasim Pedrod is 37. Actor Damon Nozins Junior 36. Artist TJ Osbourne (brother Osbourne) 34. Actor Nathan Crauss 26

For today's thought: "More important than your giving". – Vietnamese proverb.

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