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In the 12-session of the US oil price, the record rate declines


This update comes for the production of one-day production of natural gas. The year was 2004.

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Globally, the global crude oil price surged record high of $ 147 a barrel. Oil prices are above $ 147 a barrel.

Natural gas futures increased by up to 18%. The coldest weather forecast in the last 14 years has been the coldest weather forecasts for US foodgrains.

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West Texas Intermediate Dec December delivery

CLZ8, + 1.08%

New York's main futures contract was trading at 55.69. 56 cents rose 56 cents to 56 cents a barrel. According to the Dow Jones Market Data, the contract between November 16 and 2017 is over 7% over the three years.

Brent crude prices dropped by 23 per cent in October

LCOF9, + 1.13%

On Wednesday, the rupee rose 65 cents to $ 66.12. On Tuesday, Europe's crude oil dropped by 6.6 per cent to USD 65.47 a barrel. The most recent US Federal companies have officially shared a beer market for the first time.

Jamal Ahmad, head of global currencies, said: "The recent dramatic sales of oil markets have led to a slight gap, but it is disappointing that many people have been disappointed in the recent two sessions." The FIG.

"We have not seen such destructive day as oil markets, as in the three years, as an inverse effect on Tuesday," he said. But we are putting forward the attention of the vendors who threaten global growth in 2019.

As the US, Russia and Saudi Arabia are set to hit record high, strong distribution network will have to pay more. The monthly update of the International Supply Agency INA has adversely affected the global market.

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Crude output from the world's third largest producer has risen to 100.7 million barrels a day on a global scale. It had 2.6 million barrels last year.

Some analysts say that the removal of the oil seems to be dramatic in a short time.

"Demand declined in October, macro uyarumenkilum, rivelsukalumayi moves forward in areas such as large-scale production in the US, Libyan stronger than expected, owing to the distribution of the basic image of Venezuelan production. However, Goldman Sachs, Jeffrey khuri, Goldman Sachs, dablyu'ecco, Goldman Sachs, and companies in the case of commodities, Perth Yekiccum kuraccukalinnal OPEC production now, especially in today's n'yayikariccittilla sales range. A note.

Global oil production rose 1.8 million barrels in May. The United States made up one million barrels a day. Saudi Arabia and Russia are offering 620,000 barrels per day and 445,000 barrels per day.

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The weakening of global economic growth and the control of the transnational regime led to a decline in the decision to cut crude oil buyers from Iran. Most of Iran's oil is from Iran's oil market.

Sunday's indication that the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and its allies, including Russia, would be able to reduce production costs. The move was taken after the group decided that group production would begin over a year for the production capacity.

In addition, President Donald Trump argues for a lower price cut. Monday's price was cut.

Annual petroleum distribution data from EIA will be released Thursday, one day after the normal day as it is on Westerns day.

The government aims to increase this 2.3 million barrels by the end of November last year, according to a survey by Sun and Global Plates. This is going for the eighth week. They are expecting 894,000 barrels of oil firms and 2.7 million barrelsel dislocation.

Nymex, December Petrol

RBZ8, + 1.03%

A gallon of 1.2 to 1.561 dollars was added to oil in December

HOZ8, + 1.79%

It rose 1.6 per cent to $ 2.096 a barrel.

Meanwhile, natural gas prices continue to remain on the Future Price for the fourth consecutive session.

December is the natural gas

NGZ18, + 17.65%

The price of millions of British Thermal units rose to $ 4.837. According to the Dow Jones Market Data, the highest one-day production since September 29, 2004 and the highest settlement since February 26, 2014.

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