Wednesday , May 18 2022

Is this good money? – Buying 35 million dollars to buy a car


The African Median group, owned by Zimbabwe's businessman Frank Beyengana, has also provided fuel, pharmaceuticals and other products worth 35 million dollars. This was after the government's approval by the government to withdraw the request to help.

The Chairman of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, Dr. John demanded to help him store Mandua. On Monday, Dr. Anger responded to the request and AGG allowed.

"Bank extends your desire to contribute to the challenges that the country faces and suggests that importers of the goods are directly approaching and buyers use their imported funds for free," he read in his letter.

We have planned this program, "SMS said.
Zimbabwe in Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Reimbursement Authority (Simra) and African Medical (Private), such as Zimbabwe to help Zimbabwe people, "she said.

"To contact the authorities in Zimbabwe, the African Medal Group will approach the authorities concerned to get the necessary permits, import permits and other documents to bring fuel, medicines, cement, cooking oil and other bonded bonds."

The African Medalion (Pvt) Ltd will be utilizing $ 500 million (US $ 34,800,000) for the removal of all goods from Zimbabwe. This facility will be redeemable through free funds. "Under transparency policy, they invited Arbis agents to train AMG agencies.

"This is a nonprofit venture, and the benefit of Zimbabwe's government and the people is of this benefit," he said.

Chimera has been asked to provide necessary imports to help the country face financial challenges.

"We encourage you to help the group to import the required documentation African medaliyan vegattilakkikkeant, so you can solve the needs of the people of this atiyantiravasyannalkkayi for rent. In seven days, we will organize this process," Zimri, on November 12, 2018, the Commissioner General of the Faith masanikk part of a letter sent to the mouth .

Local logistics will take responsibility for distribution and Mamel said all the operations will be supervised by Zimra agents. – State media

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